New Surveillance Footage Shows George Floyd Was Not Resisting Arrest


New video footage has surfaced in the case of George Floyd, a man who killed by a Minneapolis police officer who kneeled on his neck for ten minutes. Floyd was handcuffed during the altercation and was pleading for his life, telling the officers on the scene that he was unable to breathe. Nearby onlookers were also shouting at the officers to show some humanity as they recorded the incident.

The Minneapolis Police Department claim that the officers were attempting to arrest Floyd for using forged documents at a local deli, and that he resisted arrest, however, in the multiple videos that have since surfaced of the incident, there is no indication that Floyd was resisting at all. In later reports, it was clarified that the “forged documents” that police were referring to was an alleged counterfeit bill that Floyd supposedly attempted to pass off at the deli.

The videos to initially surface of the incident showed the moments where officer Derek Chauvin had Floyd pinned to the ground with his knee on Floyd’s neck. In those videos, Floyd was not fighting or struggling with the officers at all, but police claimed that he was resisting after he was first taken out of his car. Now, surveillance camera footage that was released from a nearby restaurant shows Floyd being removed from his car by police without resisting. The new video shows him being taken from the car and placed in handcuffs, which means that he had no opportunity to resist.

The four officers involved in the arrest were later fired from the Minneapolis Police Department after they were initially placed on paid administrative leave.

There were four officers on the scene at the time of the incident, one who kept the gathering crowds away, and three who were forcefully handling Mr. Floyd, and their names have not been released by the police department. However, two of the officers seen in the video, Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao were identified by Ben Crump, the attorney representing the Floyd family. Both of these officers have either been involved with excessive force complaints or police-involved shootings.

Floyd’s grieving family has called for criminal charges against the officers for his murder, and so has the city’s mayor.

 “If you had done it, or I had done it, we would be behind bars right now,” said Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

The city has been facing growing protests as more information about the case becomes public, and local residents become more informed about the circumstances surrounding the killing. Thousands took to the streets this week to protest the murder and call for further action against the officers responsible. At one point, protesters gathered to surround the police station, where officers barricaded themselves inside.

Officers responded to the protests with heavy force, filling the streets with tear gas and shooting rubber bullets into the crowd indiscriminately, hitting journalists and other bystanders. Most of the protests were peaceful, but there were some small acts of vandalism directed at police property.

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