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Former Member Sues Church Of Scientology For Human Trafficking



A former Scientologist turned whistleblower is now filing a lawsuit against the church of Scientology for human trafficking, among other abuses. Among the allegations against the church and its leader, David Miscavige, is child abuse, human trafficking, and forced labor.

The woman filing the lawsuit was identified only as “Jane Doe,” but it was revealed that she was raised by the church from birth, and was a personal assistant to Miscavige since she was 15.

Jane Doe was a member of the group’s infamous Sea Organization, which is reserved for the most dedicated Scientologists. Members of the Sea Organization are required to sign a 1 billion-year contract with the church. Things changed for Jane Doe around 2015, when she was taken to a place called “the hole” as punishment.


Photo Credit: David Miscavige Scientology

According to her testimony, the leadership at the church became hostile with her because she knew too much about the abuse that took place there, and she began to object to it.

Then in 2016, she escaped the church in the trunk of a car driven by a non-Scientologist that she was working with on a promotional project for the church.

Rebecca N. Kaufman, an attorney for the Church of Scientology, told NBC that the accusations made by Jane Doe are untrue.

“The lawsuit comprises nothing more than unfounded allegations as to all defendants. It is littered with anti-religious slurs culled from the tabloids and accusations that have been disproven in courts decades ago. We are confident the lawsuit will fail. Federal courts have already determined that service in the Church of Scientology’s religious order is voluntary and protected by the First Amendment. Moreover, the evidence will establish that while serving the church, plaintiff came and went freely, traveled the world, and lived in comfortable surroundings. The church will vigorously defend itself against these unfounded allegations,” Kaufman said.

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Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

However, the church is notorious for brutal intimidation tactics against whistleblowers as Jane Doe’s attorney, Brian Kent, pointed out.

The church “has sought to quash dissension, cover up its long history of physical, emotional and sexual abuse of its members, including its most vulnerable members, its children, and weaponize its doctrine against those who escape and find the courage to speak up. This is just the beginning, and we are not going to stop until they do,” Kent says.

Despite all of the controversy surrounding the church, it is still considered a tax-exempt religious organization.

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Corey Feldman Needs 24hr Security As He Prepares To Release Film Exposing Hollywood Child Abusers



Corey Feldman, a former child actor who grew up in Hollywood, says that he and his wife needed to hire 24-hour armed security to protect them as Feldman prepares for the release of his “Truth” documentary, which promises to expose the child abuse that has been rampant in Hollywood for generations.

Feldman has been working on the project for a few years now, and says that he has had trouble finding platforms to host or produce the film, because all of the studios are tied in with Hollywood and not willing to rock the boat. He also says that he has received numerous threats after he announced that he was going to be working on the project. The project has been so controversial because Feldman has promised to drop the names of some of the most notorious child abusers in the industry.

Feldman claims that he has been the target of several violent attacks over the past few years since he announced the film. In one case, the former child star was rushed to the hospital after he was stabbed with a foreign object while he was sitting in his car at a stop light. He has referred to the group who is trying to silence him as the “wolfpack.” Feldman also said that he has also been receiving a large volume of threatening calls, emails and messages on social media.

The film will also feature the story of Feldman’s best childhood friend, the late actor Corey Haim who he appeared in numerous films with. Feldman says that Haim suffered some very extreme abuse while he was in the industry, which he believes resulted in Haim’s untimely death. Feldman says that he made a promise to Haim to expose the abusers if he happened to be the first of the two to pass away.

Photo Credit: Movie Web

The film, titled,  “(My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys” will be streamed just one time, on March 9th, which coincides with the tenth anniversary of Corey Haim’s death.  The event will be available on February 22nd, 2020 through the website, and it will cost viewers between $15 and $20 per household.

Feldman has been extremely open about his traumatizing experiences in the entertainment industry throughout his career, and created a media firestorm by naming some of his abusers during an interview with Dr. Oz. In the interview, Feldman that one of his abusers was former co-star John Grissom. Grissom is also a convicted child molester from other unrelated cases, lending more evidence to the fact that he could still be a very dangerous man. Grissom was reportedly just one of many other abusers who target children in Hollywood, with the others being even more dangerous and powerful in the industry.

This type of pay per view stream is unusual in the Netflix era, and it is believed to be the only time that a film like this has been screened through this type of platform. See what Feldman had to say about the upcoming film in his Tweet below.

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