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Sam Neill, Laura Dern And Jeff Goldblum Will Return For Jurassic World 3

Jurrasic World 3 director Colin Trevorrow recently announced that some of the favorite starring cast members from the original Jurrasic Park will be returning for the new film.

At a Jurassic World 3 screening on Tuesday night, hosted by Collider, at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood, Trevorrow revealed that Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum will be returning to their original Jurassic Park roles for the most recent iteration of the series.

In previous films in the franchise, the original Jurrasic Park actors did return for small roles, but never for starring roles, as seems to be the case for Jurrasic World 3. They have also each appeared individually in the past, but haven’t been in the same film since the original release in 1993.

Jurassic World 3 won’t be opening until June 11, 2021, and most other details about the film will likely remain a secret until the advertising campaign begins to roll out. The only other details revealed by Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment thus far, is that the new film will feature a world where humans must “learn to coexist” with dinosaurs.

The Jurassic series has not just been an incredible feat of special effects and acting, but has also presented some very important philosophical concepts to the public through the development of the franchise.

This series shows the absolute worst that humans are capable of when they attempt to play god and mess with nature in such a grand way. There is no doubt that there are probably scientists somewhere on the planet currently working to resurrect dinosaurs or create some strange Frankenstein creature with cutting edge biotechnology.

The fact that it became such a long-running series is somewhat symbolic of how humans may never learn to temper their innovation in the proper ways, even after seeing the consequences of being irresponsible with such power.

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