Leaking Pipes and Printers Running Out Of Ink Delay Election Results For Key Regions

The United States is still eagerly awaiting the results of the 2020 election, and key states are lagging with reporting their results. Some of this was to be expected considering the large number of mail-in ballots this year, but there were problems in some areas that could have been avoided, and also some strange anomalies, some of which could be explained, while others could not.

In some cases, voters experienced malfunctioning machines, ink shortages, and printing errors, which required some poll workers to count single ballot cards by hand.

The key states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are still up in the air after experiencing a variety of different problems. Poll workers in Outagamie County, Wisconsin, just outside of Green Bay, had to transfer votes from roughly 13,500 misprinted absentee ballots to clean ballots that won’t jam the electronic counting machine. In Green Bay, absentee ballot results were delayed after one of the counting machines ran out of ink.

In South Carolina, a printing error delayed the counting of 14,600 absentee-by-mail ballots in Dorchester County. The counting will be delayed until later in the week, according to state election officials.

Other key states, including Georgia and North Carolina, could still not be declared by Wednesday morning. In Georgia, a burst pipe caused delays in counting up to 60,000 absentee ballots in Fulton County. Many of the incidents have raised suspicions of voter fraud and voter suppression.

A precinct in Orange County, Florida, reported a voter turnout rate of more than 100% on Tuesday, and it actually wasn’t a mistake, as county election officials later notified residents. The Orange County Supervisor of Elections posted a Twitter thread on Tuesday citing state turnout data, showing that Precinct 538 had voter turnout exceeding 100%. Officials explained that this was due to people moving on election year without changing their address. After the votes were finally tallied, Florida was called for President Donald Trump.


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