Judge Orders Ghislaine Maxwell Documents Relating To Clinton Family Released This Month


Finally, after all this time, a judge has ruled that dozens of documents in the case of Ghislaine Maxwell’s should be made public, including her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons. Maxwell’s lawyers had argued that releasing these documents would prevent her from being able to have a fair trial, but Judge Loretta Preska disagreed in a recent ruling and unsealed the documents.

The documents will be made available to the public in roughly two weeks. The exact details contained in the documents are still unknown, but her previous legal cases against Epstein’s victims are likely to be included. The Daily Mail reported that financial records will show that Maxwell received funding from the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation.

It is possible that Prince Andrew of the British royal family could also be implicated in this trove of new documents.

Judge Preska has slowly ruled on the release of documents over time, but so far most of the information released to the public is only confirmation of what has already been reported so far. Very little new information has come from these documents, but this release is expected to be much different, because they contain sensitive information from the private defamation case that Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre filed against Maxwell in 2016.

Giuffre filed the lawsuit because Maxwell called her accusations lies. Giuffre had gone public with her story about how she was recruited by Maxwell when she was 16 and quickly became wrapped up in Epstein’s trafficking network, which led her to be abused by many powerful men, including Prince Andrew.

Vital information about her finances are also expected to be in these documents, including tax returns, and balance sheets for companies Maxwell controlled, as well as financial statements for organizations she ran with Epstein.

According to court documents, some of the information to be released includes:

‘From January 2012 to the present, produce all documents concerning any source of funding for the TarraMar Project (Maxwell’s nonprofit) or any other not-for-profit entities with which you are associated, including but not limited to, funding received from the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Foundation (a/k/a William J. Clinton Foundation, a/k/a/ the Bill, Hilary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation),and the Clinton Foundation Climate Change Initiative’.

Former president Bill Clinton reportedly had an intimate dinner with Ghislaine Maxwell in 2014, along with a very small group of other high profile figures. This meeting took place years after the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein were exposed, and long after Maxwell’s involvement with the disgraced financier had first made headlines. In fact, Clinton’s PR team was concerned that Maxwell would be spotted by a photographer or journalist at the meeting, and were relieved that their gathering didn’t make the news.

These details were revealed in a recent report by The Daily Beast, in which the site interviewed numerous Clinton associates who were willing to speak under the condition of anonymity.

The pair reportedly met at Crossroads Kitchen, a hotspot for celebrities and millionaires on Melrose Avenue. On the night of their meeting, famous actors like Bruce Willis and Sean Penn were also in the building.

Also in attendance at the meeting was mutual friend Steve Bing, a producer and major Democratic donor who killed himself earlier this year. It is not clear if his suicide had anything to do with his involvement in people like Ghislaine Maxwell.

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