Simpsons Predicted Richard Branson’s Flight To Space Back In 2014


The Simpsons predicted the future again, and this time there isn’t any controversy about whether or not the episode actually aired. Fans of the show recently pointed out that there is a scene in a 2014 episode where Richard Branson takes a flight into space. This is strange because Branson took a flight into space earlier this week with his company Virgin Galatic.

A scene in the episode showed an animated version of Branson in his spaceship, and it looked exactly like photos that were taken of the actual event.

The scene appeared on the 5th episode of season 25 and was very quick. The whole episode was not about Branson or space travel, it was about a painting. In one scene, there were multiple shots that showed different people looking at the painting, and one of those people was Richard Branson in space.

Even the Virgin Atlantic Twitter account took notice of the similarities and posted a Tweet saying “The Simpsons predicted it…”

However, Branson has had ambitions of going to space for a very long time. He founded Virgin galactic back in 2004 and had even said he planned on using the company for space flights very early on.

What this means is that The Simpsons might not be predicting the future like Nostradamus, but the writers must just be very informed about what is going on in the world which allows them to get lucky with their guesses more often than not. The Simpsons also predicted that Donald Trump would be president, but he had political ambitions long before his campaign in 2016.

Trump actually had a short-lived campaign for president during the 2000 election, but he didn’t make much of an impact and many people forgot. The Simpsons didn’t seem to forget though, because they included this theme in an episode before his next campaign began in 2016.

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