Biographer Says Bill Gates Hosted Naked Pool Parties And Loved Getting Drunk


In the early days of Microsoft Bill Gates had a terrible reputation. He was seen as a cutthroat monopolist who played dirty tricks in business and stole from his competition. However, over the years he has managed to restore his public image after stepping away from Microsoft and working on philanthropic projects instead.

This carefully crafted public image has now started to fall apart after news of his divorce and his friendship with the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein have been made public. Now, even more information is being reported that sheds new light on the kind of life that he really lived.

According to Biographer James Wallace and former gossip columnist Robert X. Cringely, Gates partied much more than he allowed the public to see. They also say that Gates would regularly pay dancers from local strip clubs to swim naked at his home, according to Business Insider.

According to a shocking report published in the Wall Street Journal, Melinda Gates began meeting with divorce lawyers in October of 2019, which is around the same time that Bill Gates was listed among Jeffrey Epstein’s close associates.

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According to sources close to the Gates family that were interviewed by the Journal, and documents shared with the site, Melinda said that her marriage with Bill was “irretrievably broken.”

The divorce was set into motion immediately after Bill Gates was implicated as a close friend of Epstein. In reports at the time, it was noted that Gates began his relationship with the notorious pedophile after he was already convicted of crimes against children.

However, Bill’s friendship with Epstein was a source of contention in his marriage long before his wife filed for divorce. In fact, she warned him not to associate with Epstein due to his notorious reputation and criminal convictions, an employee of the Gates Foundation told The Daily Beast. Despite this warning, Bill and some of his employees at the foundation continued to meet with Epstein.

Gates vehemently denies any claims that he was involved with any of Epstein’s illegal activity, although his only excuse was that rich people tend to hang out together.

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A spokesperson for Bill Gates told Business Insider that:

“It is extremely disappointing that there have been so many lies published about the cause, the circumstances and the timeline of Bill Gates’s divorce. The rumours and speculation surrounding Mr Gates are becoming increasingly absurd and it’s unfortunate that people who have little to no knowledge are being characterized as ‘sources.’

The couple has been married since 1994 and there was reportedly no prenuptial agreement to decide the terms of their divorce. They have agreed to equally split their assets, although they are claiming that they will give much of the money away. They have made no public comments as to the private reasons behind their divorce, but the timing of the filing is certainly suspicious, and many people close to the family suspect that Bill’s connection to Epstein could have been a factor.

The divorce trial between Bill and Melinda is still ongoing, and it is entirely possible that more details on Bill’s private life will become available as time passes.

Two years ago, Gates was recorded dancing with five different women at a nightclub in Miami.

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