Pharma Exec Who Killed Her 8-Year-Old Autistic Child To Be Freed From Prison

Gigi Jordan, a former pharmaceutical executive who admitted to poisoning her 8-year-old autistic son, will be set free from prison after having her manslaughter conviction overturned by an appellate court on Wednesday.

In 2015, Gigi Jordan was sentenced to serve 18 years in prison after she admitted to poisoning her 8-year-old son with a cocktail of prescription drugs, vodka, and juice.

The incident took place in a luxury suite at New York’s Peninsula Hotel in February of 2010.

Jordan admits to intentionally killing her child but said she did so out of “a mother’s love,” because she was afraid that the boy’s biological father would kill him in a more gruesome fashion if he was given custody of the child.

“I wanted him to be safe and at peace at any cost,” Jordan told told CBS New York in 2014.

Jordan said that she also attempted to take her own life in the incident. The boy’s biological father has denied claims of abuse and said that he never had any intentions of harming his child.

Gigi Jordan (Newscom)

Now, just a few years into her prison sentence, she will be released from prison on a technicality. Jordan’s attorneys have argued that her civil rights were violated during her 2014 trial.

In September, a federal judge ruled that Jordan was entitled to a new trial due to mistakes that were made in the handling of her case in 2014.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance appealed the order and pushed to keep Jordan imprisoned during the ongoing proceedings, but on Wednesday, a three-judge panel of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the district attorney’s request.

According to People, the panel issued a one-page court order that stated, “Jordan has already served some 11 years of her sentence, more than 70 percent of her likely provisional sentence; and the State does not argue that Jordan will pose a danger to the public if released.”

Attorney Ron Ruby, who previously represented Jordan, told the Daily News, “Ms. Jordan has spent 11 years behind bars without a fair trial and the 2nd circuit has recognized that. Enough is enough.”

Jordan is currently still in custody at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Westchester County, but will be released soon.

In a statement, spokesman Danny Frost of the district attorney’s office said, “Our Office strenuously disagrees with the grant of habeus in this case, which misapprehends the applicable law, and if it becomes necessary we will re-try Ms. Jordan for the premeditated killing of Jude Mirra, her 8-year-old son.”

Jordan says that she lives with her decision every single day and she deeply regrets it.

At her original trial, she reportedly told the judge that “Not one day goes by that I don’t remember his beautiful face and his pain.”


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