Gabi DeMartino Apologizes For Selling Explicit Childhood Video To Fans For $3

25-year-old Gabi DeMartino, an online influencer who has been able to make millions from her online content, recently joined the subscription site OnlyFans to sell exclusive videos to her biggest fans for a monthly fee, along with additional charges for premium content.

This week she was banned from the website, and was forced to apologize to her fans after she sold a video of herself nude and underage for 3$.

In a short video apologizing for the inappropriate post, the influencer told her 3 million subscribers that she is “detached from reality” and didn’t realize the footage of her 3-year-old self naked would be inappropriate.

In her apology video, DeMartino said she would “grow and learn from this.”

“Never in a million years did I think that something I thought was so innocent could be looked at in such an ugly way and I think that’s where the problem lies. I realized I’m so detached from reality that it didn’t even cross my mind that this could be viewed like this,” DeMartino said in the video.

However, many of her fans were not happy with the apology, saying that she has gone too far.

They were also displeased with the fact that she blamed people who were upset for sexualizing her photo, which she thought was an innocent childhood video. Although, it is important to note that OnlyFans is not a website that is known for its innocent content.

“It’s a video that has brought back laughter and joy within my family for years and I shared it with what I thought was a funny caption. It’s not funny. It was a quote from the video,” DeMartino said in her apology.

One of the top comments on the post read, “I’ve ran a fan account for you for 4 years. I bought your merch and perfume. but this has gone too far. you’ve made mistakes in the past and I move past on but I cant support you anymore. you think that this is an innocent joke.”

Many people were also upset that they were tricked into purchasing an explicit photo of a child, which is technically illegal. The video was hidden behind a paywall, with no indication that it was footage of her as a child.

The caption for the video read “won’t put my panties on” and she posted a suggestive photo of herself that said, “sent a little surprise in your inboxes for those who are CuRiOuS.”

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

The “surprise” referenced in the post was a short video of the influencer as a 3-year-old, where she lifts her dress and reveals her naked body.

Some users on Twitter say that they reported DeMartino to local authorities and the FBI, saying that she is in violation of several laws.

“I know who I am in my heart and if you know me you know that I would never condone anything like this. I would never do anything to exploit or harm a child. I’m so sorry,” DeMartino said.

DeMartino became a viral sensation with her sister through their joint YouTube channel, which has nearly 10 million subscribers.

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