Anti-Gay MP Caught With Naked Man During Zoom Conference


Lithuanian MP and politician Petras Grazulis is a staunch conservative who has been a vocal opponent of the LGBTQ+ community for many years, so many of his constituents were surprised to see a seemingly naked man in the corner of his screen during a zoom conference call with other members of parliament.

It appears that Grazulis accidentally turned his camera on during the meeting, revealing that he was in his home with a naked man. Within a few seconds, he realized that the camera was on and he quickly turned it off, but it was too late.

The video is not explicit, as you can only see a shirtless man just behind the MP's shoulder, but the image leaves quite a bit to the imagination.

Photo: © Vyginto SKARAIČIO nuotr.

This incident would not be such a big deal if Grazulis was open about his lifestyle, or at the very least not so harsh towards others in the country's LGBTQ+ community. For example, in 2012 he suggested that all gay people should leave Lithuania.

Initially, Grazulis tried to claim that the man seen in the video was his son. However, when no one bought that excuse he said that the man in the video was a journalist named Andrius Tapinas. Although, the MP does not claim that Tapinas was actually there, considering that the two men do not like each other very much, as Tapinas is one of his sharpest critics.

Grazulis claimed that the journalist was "haunting" him and somehow edited himself into the live stream to embarrass him

This excuse was also rejected by Lithuanians, who easily recognized that the man in the footage looked nothing like Tapinas.

Commenters said that the person in the photo appeared to be Lithuanian performer Gabrielius Vagelis, who has neither confirmed nor denied the incident.

It is not clear what political consequences Grazulis will face for the incident, but he will likely be facing trouble in the next election after upsetting his conservative base and showing his hypocrisy to more liberal voters.

Photo: Youtube screenshot

This incident comes just a week after an anti-gay MP in nearby Hungary was arrested fleeing a 25 man orgy with an ecstasy pill in his pocket. European MEP Jozsef Szajer, of Hungary, has faced international backlash after his arrest was reported.

Szajer was a part of a government that was incredibly hostile to gay rights. He even helped to rewrite Hungary’s constitution to “protect the institution of marriage as the union of a man and a woman,” according to The Times of London.

In some cases, as we have seen in the United States, many of these politicians who are vocally against gay rights are often struggling with questions about the repression of their own sexuality.

On numerous occasions, high-profile conservative politicians have been caught in same-sex relationships despite actively passing laws that make life more difficult for other people who wish to do the same.

Eastern European politicians especially have a reputation for their homophobic rhetoric, so it is somewhat ironic that two politicians from that part of the world have been shown to engage in sexual activities with other members of the same gender in such a short amount of time.

You can view the footage from the zoom conference in the video below, but don't worry, you won't be seeing anything graphic in nature.

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