NYC Mayor De Blasio Dances With Wife In Empty Lockdown Times Square

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been criticized for dancing with his wife in an empty Times Square as the rest of the city was ordered to stay in their homes.

The tone-deaf move was even roasted by CNN’s Andy Cohen who was announcing the turn of the new year for the network.

The seemingly drunken Cohen made a sour face and said, ‘That’s how I felt when I saw Mayor de Blasio dancing just now. I did not need to see that at the beginning of 2021.”

He then addressed de Blasio directly on television, shouting: “Do something with this city! Honestly, get it together!”

After midnight, de Blasio took to Twitter to wish his residents a happy new year and praised their resilience during such a year.

“As a city, as a community, we have been through so much this year. We showed our resolve and proved New York City will come back stronger than ever,” he tweeted.

However, the comments of his tweet were littered with angry New Yorkers sounding off on various criticisms of his leadership, especially regarding the pandemic.

“2020 was just another year during which [de Blasio] destroyed the city,” one commenter said.

‘Failure mayor,’ another replied. ‘Way to ruin NYE in NYC. You should be ashamed of yourself,‘ one user added.

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Any other year, Times Square would have been filled with tens of thousands of people from all over the world on New Year’s Eve, but this year the mayor and a few media personalities had the streets to themselves.

Earlier on Thursday, de Blasio told reporters ‘It’s going to be actually, arguably, the most special, the most poignant, the most moving New Year’s Eve.’

‘In 2021, we’re going to show people what it looks like to recover, to come back,‘ the mayor added.

Mayor Bill de Blasio graduated from New York University and Columbia University before a brief stint as a campaign manager for Charles Rangel and Hillary Clinton.

De Blasio started his career as an elected official on the New York City Council, representing the 39th district in Brooklyn from 2002 to 2009. After serving one term as a public advocate, he was elected mayor of New York City in 2013 and reelected in 2017.

De Blasio ran in the Democratic primaries for the 2020 presidential election. After registering low poll numbers and failing to qualify for the third round of primary debates, he suspended his campaign on September 20, 2019.

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