A Car Drove Through BLM Crowd Last Night In Times Square

A car drove through a group of protesters blocking the road in New York, Times Square last night, hitting several people on foot and on bicycles, Yahoo News reported.

Officials tweeted they were investigating a situation in New York City after a car drove through a crowd of protesters in Times Square on Thursday evening.

Police say a Black Lives Matter march encountered a vehicle whose occupants had previously participated in a pro-Trump counter-protest in Duffy Square.

The vehicle, a black Ford Taurus police interceptor, which law enforcement made sure to make clear on social media, that the car was not police issued. Last night, protesters gathered in response to the release of brutal bodycam video showing the police arrest of Daniel Prude in Rochester. Prude’s death was ruled a homicide, caused by “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint,” as Anewspost previously reported.

The protest comprised of at least a couple of hundred people. The group started to move onto 46th Street and seventh avenue.

In the video, the car can be seen honking its horn several times before demonstrators block the drivers path with bicycles and their bodies. The car then accelerates through the crowd with several people knocked from their bikes and knocked over in the process.


The protesters allegedly claimed to have recognized the vehicle from the prior counter-protests and surrounded it, including a bicyclist who blocked the car from moving further. Earlier in the night, a group of anti-Black Lives Matter protesters and those wearing MAGA gear confronted groups shouting Daniel Prude’s name along with the names of several other Black people who have died at the hands of police according to videos.

The vehicle involved appears to be formerly used as a police cruiser, complete with a bull bar in the front, likely purchased at a surplus auction. Police say it was not an NYPD vehicle.

At least two people appear to strike the car window, one with a punch and one banging on it, while others are seen throwing their bicycles at the car.

“We are lucky there was no vehicle collision,” a police official said.

So far there have been two reported injuries, however, the protesters have their own volunteer medic squads aiding minor wounds.

Councilmember Keith Powers tweeted that his office would look into the encounter.

Despite the unexpected incident and a heavy downpour of rain, the protest continued marching throughout NYC. The march disturbance has sparked a match to another round of Black Lives Matter protests throughout the country.

You can watch the shocking moment a car plows through protesters below.

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