Deutsche Bank With Ties To Trump Finances Commits Suicide In Malibu


A former Deutsche Bank executive with connections to Donald Trump’s finances has suspiciously killed himself, as nearly the entire world has its attention set on the embattled president and his impeachment proceedings.

Thomas Bowers, who was once the head of Deutsche Bank’s American wealth-management division, passed away in his home in Malibu, and according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office, the cause of death was suicide by hanging.

This situation is incredibly suspicious, especially considering the bank’s relationship with the president and its involvement in some recent accusations against him. Deutsche Bank provided Trump with roughly $2 billion in loans, even after he was denied by most other financial institutions over his history of bankruptcy.

As a result of this relationship, the bank has become the target of an investigation, which is being overseen by two Congressional committees and the New York Attorney General, both of which are hoping that gaining access to the bank’s records will provide them with more insight into Trump’s finances as a whole.

Investigators have tracked Trump’s activity at the bank to a managing director named Rosemary T. Vrablic. The two began working together in 2010 after Jared Kushner set up a deal with them.

In this case, it was reported that Vrablic helped Trump secure loans from the bank. Bowers, the banker who recently passed away, was involved in the situation because he approved many of these loans, including a loan of $100 million, which was used to buy his Doral resort in Miami

When Vrablic was hired by the bank in 2006, Bowers praised her in a press release, saying that she was widely recognized as one of the top private bankers to the “ultra-high-net-worth community” in the United States.

Oddly enough, Bowers left Deutsche Bank in 2015, at which point he was hired by Starwood Capital Group as their new COO. He was also appointed to the Board of Directors of Opus Bank in 2016, so despite his departure from Deutsche Bank, he continued a very lucrative career.

Deutsche Bank
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One aspect of this story to make matters even more bizarre is the fact that Bowers is not actually the first executive at Deutsche bank wth connections to Trump’s finances to commit suicide.

Just a few years ago, in 2014, Deutsche derivatives analyst William S. Broeksmit, also died under very similar circumstances at his home in London.

According to the Hill, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office issued a subpoena to Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA, back in August, requesting the president’s personal and business tax returns and other financial records.

However, Trump shot back quickly with a lawsuit of his own, attempting to block the subpoena, arging that it was unlawful because presidents are immune from criminal prosecution. Thus far, Trump’s lawsuits to block the subpoena have been blocked by both the district and appeals court in the state of New York.

There may not be any progress in the case until December 13th, when Trump’s petition is expected to be ruled by the Supreme Court, and the District Attorney has promised not to enforce any previous rulings until the Supreme Court makes their decision.

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