Biden Orders Hazmat “Exorcism” of Trump White House


President-elect Joe Biden has ordered what is being called an “exorcism” of the Trump White House before he makes it his home next month.

Biden told his staff that he wants the large building to be thoroughly disinfected before he moves in.

White House historian Kate Andersen Brower said that, “There is a five-hour window between presidents. That’s when 95 staff will have to pack up all the Trump possessions and move the Bidens in. They will clean or replace everything.”

In that short time, a team in hazmat suits will spray the entire building with disinfectant, along with removing carpets, curtains, and furniture, then replacing them with new selections.

‘The incoming President and First Lady get to choose their new furniture from a secret warehouse,” Andersen said, according to the Mail Online.

A member of Biden’s transition team said that the precautions are due to the large number of coronavirus infections that spread throughout the Trump administration.

“Mr Trump’s administration has been riddled with the coronavirus. The Bidens are taking no chances. The entire property will be deep-cleaned down to replacing doorknobs and taking down soft furnishings. The virus can linger on hard surfaces so the entire residence and executive offices will be wiped clean with disinfectant to exorcise any trace of Team Trump,” the staff member said.

Just last week, Trump announced that his lawyer Rudy Guiliani had tested positive for the virus.

CNN reported that Giuliani has exposed hundreds of people to the virus in the time that he was contagious.

Last month, Giuliani’s son, Andrew, who is a White House staffer, tested positive for COVID after attending a Trump campaign legal team news conference with his father in Washington, DC.

Donald Trump Jr. was also infected with the virus last month, although he said that he was not experiencing very serious symptoms.

It’s unclear where Donald Jr. may have been infected. He was at the White House on election night where several of Trump’s staff later tested positive for COVID, including White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Photo: AFP

Meadows, top Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, and David Bossie, the man leading Trump’s legal fight against the election, were among those at the election night event who later tested positive for COVID.

Prior to the election, the president and the first lady also tested positive.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has not announced any members of his staff catching the virus, which is likely because they did much less in-person campaigning during the election. However, in recent weeks it has been reported that Biden has broken his foot.

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