Amazon Delivery Driver Caught On Camera Spitting On Package

A Los Angeles resident has complained that an Amazon delivery driver spit on their package after dropping it off on their porch. The strange delivery was caught on the home owner’s Ring camera.

In the footage, the delivery man can be seen approaching the house with the package and then setting it down before spitting on it. He then proceeded to smear his spit around the box. He can then be seen taking a few pictures before leaving.

Luckily, a neighbor witnessed the incident and informed the homeowner before they handled the package. The customer said that Amazon apologized and offered him a $50 credit, but he wants the driver to be tested for the coronavirus, just in case.

Some online commenters have suggested that perhaps the driver was attempting to remove a barcode the box, but obviously this would be a highly unprofessional and unsanitary way to do this, and we would hope that the driver was not doing the same thing at all of his other stops.

An Amazon spokesperson, when contacted, says the incident was not ‘representative of drivers who deliver for Amazon,’ and that the delivery man worked for a third party contractor. The driver was reported to his supervisors, and an investigation is currently underway, according to the spokesperson.

Amazon delivery driver caught on video spitting on package

"UPSETTING" – Amazon says a driver is no longer delivering packages after apparently spitting on his hand and rubbing it on a package in California. STORY:

Posted by Fox 32 Chicago on Friday, March 27, 2020

This video is alarming for people all over the world, as more people are turning to Amazon deliveries for essential goods during the time of quarantine. The virus can live on cardboard for over 48 hours and on plastics for even longer, so if an infected driver were to spit on a package as it was being delivered, the virus could certainly be passed on to the customer.

This is why it is a good idea to disinfect all of your packages, even when purchased from the grocery store.

California has had 4,100 confirmed cases, and Los Angeles County, where the incident occurred, has had over 1,200 cases and 21 deaths.

Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the United States has the potential to become a new epicenter for the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The organization pointed to a “very large acceleration” in infections taking place in the states and an inadequate containment strategy.

The United States government has implemented social distancing measures for about a week, but the specifics of these measures vary from state to state. However, earlier this week, the WHO warned that social distancing was not enough and that aggressively testing and isolating the cases should be a top priority. In the United States, officials have opted to only test people if they are asymptomatic, which leaves many potential carriers unaware that they are infecting others.

US President Donald Trump is eager to see Americans go back to work and get life back to normal. In recent statements, the president has suggested that the country could be back to work as soon as Easter, because the potential damage to the economy caused by social distancing measures could end up being worse than the virus itself. However, the president will likely face resistance from many state governors who have taken it upon themselves to enforce quarantine measures locally.

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