Hackers Release 269GB Of Data From 200 US Police Agencies


A group online calling themselves “The Distributed Denial of Secrets and techniques (DDoS) hacking group” is claiming responsibility for leaking about ten years worth of data from some 200 police departments, and other law enforcement agencies.

The group says that the leak contains 269 gigabytes of data, which contains sensitive documents, images, and videos of police and FBI reports, as well as bulletins, guides, and more.


The group claiming responsibility for the leak, “DDoS,” derives its name from the technical term “denial of service attack,” a form of cyberattack that crashes servers and websites by targeting them with an overwhelming number of requests. However, it is important to note that it is not entirely clear how these records were obtained, and if an actually DDoS attack was involved.

The group has previously published leaked documents from all over the world, including official US records on how Iranian-backed militias laundered money through used car sales and drug trafficking.

DDoSecrets was formed in December 2018, and its members are listed on its website, contradicting earlier reports that “Anonymous” hackers were responsible for the leak.

On the group’s website, they say that they obtain their material from private dataset collectors, hacktivists, and public places.

“Every set is different and as a general approach we avoid naming the specific means we obtained it, both to save the time it would take to detail each, and to protect our sources,” the website reads.


At this point, journalists and activists are still sifting through the information contained in the leak to see if they can find anything useful, but as of right now it is unclear exactly how sensitive the information actually is, but luckily you can dig into the files and check them out for yourself.

We will have more information on this new leak as it becomes available.

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