New Accuser Says Ghislaine Maxwell Gagged, Restrained And Raped Her


As Ghislaine Maxwell awaits her day in court, new accusers continue to come forward to share their stories about Maxwell’s involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes. Maxwell’s defense attorneys have previously claimed that she was not involved in Epstein’s sex trafficking and pedophilia network, despite being closely connected with him and his victims for any years. During Maxwell’s bail hearing, her attorneys argued that she is “not Jeffrey Epstein” and insisted that she was being treated unfairly during her incarceration because of how Epstein died and the crimes that he was accused of.

Maxwell has maintained that she was not affiliated with Epstein’s crimes, but his victims tell a different story and the evidence against her continues to grow.

A new accuser has come forward this week who claims that she was viciously attacked and raped by Maxwell when she was 21-years-old and living in New York. The victim, who has been using the name “Samantha” in her communications with the media, says that she was often paid to give Epstein massages and recruit other younger girls for him. She was instructed to find girls as young as possible, and in one case, she lied to Epstein and Maxwell about the girl’s age, telling them that a 19-year-old girl was really 16.

When Epstein and Maxwell found out that they were lied to about the girl’s age, they became angry with Samantha. Shortly after the encounter, she was called to Epstein’s Manhattan mansion, where Maxwell attacked her. Maxwell gagged and restrained Samantha before raping her, and then later called Epstein in from another room to join in.

“The next thing I knew she had a ball gag in my mouth, my hands around my back and she was raping me with a sex toy. She had taken my clothes off. It all happened so fast, I was stunned. She was using the sex toy on me and on herself then she called in Epstein and he joined in,” she said.

Photo: Sky News

She says that after the incident, the pair gave her $300 and told her not to tell anyone, and threatened to kill her if she went to the police.

“I was terrified — I couldn’t do anything to stop them. I remember her giving me $300 and saying, ‘Don’t think about going to the authorities because you won’t be alive to see your day in court,’ or something like that,” Samantha told the Sun.

“When they were done, when it was finally over, I walked out of that door a very different person than what I walked in — I was in shock,” she added.

After that incident, Samantha never spoke to Epstein or Maxwell again. She fled New York to Los Angeles and is only speaking out now because Epstein is dead and Maxwell is behind bars. All these years she had feared that they would fulfill their promise of taking her life if she told her story.

“They stole my whole life. I had a bright future ahead of me and they took that from me. I feel like they took away my ambition, my drive and my future,” Samantha says.

Her attorney Spencer Kuvin, said that Samantha would be willing to help investigators build their case, and that she was submitting an application to the Epstein compensation fund.

Numerous other victims have identified Maxwell as playing a key role in Epstein’s trafficking ring, and many of them have said that she also participated in the assaults, in addition to recruiting young girls for Epstein and his powerful friends. Last week, it was revealed that Maxwell was reported to the FBI after she was suspected of “trawling gyms for half-naked girls.”

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