Killer Chris Watts Getting Romantic Mail From Women While Behind Bars


Chris Watts, the man who is currently serving a life sentence for murdering his pregnant wife and his two daughters, is reportedly getting romantic fanmail from female penpals while he is behind bars.

A source that has spoken to Watts about the situation recently told People that he started getting a mixture of fan mail and hate mail during his time in prison, and he began responding to the fan mail out of boredom. After a time, he began to develop a deeper bond with some of his pen pals, most of them women.

“He got a lot of letters at first. Many of them are from women who thought he was handsome and felt compassion for him. He had nothing better to do, so he wrote them back. And he started having penpals. A couple of them stood out, and they’ve kept in contact,” the source said.

When asked if the women were disturbed by what Watts did to his family, the source said, “Believe it or not, no. They have compassion on him, despite what he did.”

The inside source also told People that Watts began to receive more fan mail after the Netflix series based on the murders began streaming on September 30th. The series is titled, American Murder: The Family Next Door.

This is really nothing new, for some reason, some people have always had a strange fascination with convicted killers and mass murderers. Even people like Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, and Charles Manson carried on relationships of some kind while they were behind bars.

Watts pleaded guilty to killing his wife, Shanann, and then driving her body to a job site at the oil company where he worked. He then killed his two daughters Bella, and Celeste, ages 3 and 4. Watts was believed to be having an affair with a co-worker who thought that he was already separated.

He is currently serving a life sentence in a Wisconsin prison. Due to the high profile nature of his case, Watts is being held in protective custody at the prison. He is only about to leave his cell for an hour each day for showers and exercise, and is separated from the general population. He will never be eligible for parole so he will be spending the rest of his life in prison.

The case has been connected in the media to the crime of family annihilation. Many of these crimes occur in August, before school starts, which may delay detection and investigation. According to former FBI profiler Candice DeLong, cases like Watts’ are rare, because “family annihilators” usually commit suicide after the murders, which is something that Watts claims to have contemplated but never followed through on.

In addition to the Netflix documentary, Lifetime released a film called Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer as part of its “Ripped from the Headlines” feature film in January of 2020. It stars Sean Kleier as Chris and Ashley Williams as Shanann. However, Shanann’s family spoke out against the film, saying that the family had not been consulted about it, and were not aware that it was being made until it was already in production. They have said they are not making any money from it, and are concerned that it will increase the online harassment that they have already been facing.

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