Photos Surface of Harvey Weinstein With Jeffrey Epstein At Princess’s 18th Birthday


The deepening story of disgraced and deceased billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has become one of the biggest stories in the UK in recent weeks, as more details come to light about Prince Andrew’s long-standing relationship with the infamous predator.

British news sources have published daily updates about new findings in the case, further implicating Prince Andrew in Epstein’s horrific crimes.

Suspicion regarding Prince Andrew’s involvement in Epstein’s criminal activities has grown considerably since he gave an incriminating interview for BBC’s Newsnight last month, where he showed no remorse for the abuse that the victims endured, and seemed to get tripped up in a number of lies when he was questioned about his interactions with underage girls who were identified as Epstein’s “slaves.”

Prince andrew With Jeffrey Epstein
Photo Credit: BBC

One of the lies that he told in the interview was regarding Epstein’s 2006 invitation to Windsor Castle, where he attended an 18th birthday party for Princess Beatrice with Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell is the woman who is believed to have been an accomplice to Epstein for many years, and she is currently on the run, her whereabouts unknown to authorities.

Andrew insisted he had no clue that Epstein was being investigated by the US federal government for crimes against children at the time of the party, but Epstein was arrested just a week after the event, and the investigation into his crimes was fairly public for the months and weeks leading up to his arrest.

New photos of the event in question were published by The Sun this week, showing that the now-disgraced film producer was also in attendance at the event, and even posed in a photo with Epstein and Maxwell.

The three predators were among an elite group of attendees, as there were only about 400 spaces on the guestlist. Of course, at the time the photo was taken, no one outside of Weinstein’s close-knit Hollywood circle was aware of his crimes, but Epstein’s case was sparsely publicized in the weeks leading up to the event.

Harvey Weinstein With Jeffrey Epstein
Photo Credit: The Sun

However, Jack Scarola, an attorney who is representing some of Epstein’s victims, said that Epstein himself was well aware of the investigation at the time of the party, as a search warrant was already carried out at one of his homes.

Epstein never saw justice in that trial, even though he was ultimately found guilty and forced to register as a child abuser, he used his connections and influence to cut a deal with prosecutors that reduced his sentence to about 13 months.

However, he did not even serve a full prison term, as he was allowed out on work release conditions on a regular basis, and really only had to show up at the jail each night to sleep there for a few hours.

This party was certainly not the first time that Epstein and Weinstein crossed paths, in fact, they were involved in a business deal a few years before the event. Back in 2003, both of them were involved in a failed deal to purchase New York Magazine for $45 million.

They even offered more money for the publication when they were turned down, but were never able to strike a deal.

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