Actor Who Paid Rittenhouse Bail Gives More Money For Legal Expenses


Last Friday, 17-year-old Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse was released from prison after posting a $2 million bond, and he had some high profile donors to help him cover the expenses, among them was Ricky Schroder, a 50-year-old actor who is best known for roles he played when he was a child.

In a recent interview, Schroder said that he was “infuriated” by the negative press coverage that Rittenhouse received after the shooting.

Schroder is a big supporter of the 2nd amendment and has been a member of the NRA for 30 years.

In a telephone interview with The Post, Schroder claimed that he is offering Rittenhouse additional funds to help with his legal defense. The former actor said that he’s putting up “hundreds of thousands” of dollars between his help with the bond and other legal expenses.

“It made me mad. This boy is innocent and he will be proven innocent. I did what any father should’ve done, and that’s get a kid out of jail that doesn’t deserve to be there,” Schroder said.

“He wasn’t there to stop the protests. He was there to defend property from chaos,” Schroder added.

Schroder said that Rittenhouse’s case struck a nerve because he felt mistreated by the media after he was arrested last year for allegedly punching his girlfriend.

“It sucked because everybody thought I was a woman beater, and I’m not a woman beater. I was tried and convicted in the court of the media. But you have to understand, that’s only my reputation that was being destroyed. This was Kyle’s life being destroyed. This is his freedom at risk. It infuriated me to see an innocent 17-year-old young man being tried and found guilty before trial,” Schroder said.

Schroder faced a backlash on social media after he posed for a photo with Rittenhouse after helping spring him from jail. According to TMZ, the former actor even called the police because people were harassing him online.

“When people talk about coming to my home is when they get my attention,” he said.

“I’m in this in the long haul for this kid, until his name’s cleared. This is a clear case of self-defense,” he added.

Rittenhouse has been charged with killing 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum and 26-year-old Anthony Huber, as well as injuring 22-year-old Gaige Grosskreutz.

Schroder is also a film director in addition to being an actor. He began his career as a child actor. He debuted in the film The Champ in 1979, going on to become a child star on the sitcom Silver Spoons. He has continued acting as an adult, and appeared in the Western miniseries Lonesome Dove in 1989 and also in the crime-drama series NYPD Blue. However, his adult career has been lackluster ever since.

In 2004, Schroder wrote and directed the feature film Black Cloud, a drama about a Navajo boxer. The same year he directed and starred in the music video for “Whiskey Lullaby.”

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