Hurricane dorian

First Footage Shows Historic Hurricane Dorian Destroy The Bahamas With 200mph Winds

Hurricane Dorian moved very slowly as it crossed the Bahamas over the weekend, inflicting massive damages on the region.

The storm has not had a clear path and continues to baffle researchers, who are unsure which direction it will be headed once it leaves the Bahamas. The hurricane seems to have made a complete stop over the Grand Bahama Island, with record-setting winds being reported on its path.

At its strongest, Dorian registered as a category 5 hurricane, but it slowly downgraded to a category 4 after unleashing fury on the Bahamas. The hurricane currently remains a category 4 storm, but officials are warning that it should not be taken lightly, and evacuations should still be taken very seriously.

Hurricane dorian
Photo Credit: National Weather Service

The destruction left in the Bahamas has many people in the United States concerned about the path of the storm. Over the weekend, an evacuation of at least 1 million people was ordered in South Carolina and Georgia. The National Hurricane Center has issued hurricane, storm surge, and tropical storm watches and warnings from the Atlantic coast of Florida northward into southeastern Georgia, as the United States braces for the storm.

The following Tweet from the National Weather Service shows some of the speeds that were recorded at different locations on Dorian’s path.

At around noon on Monday, Dorian was roughly 30 miles northeast of Freeport on Grand Bahama Island, and was moving so slow that its travel speed was just 1 mph. However, despite the slow travel speed, the storm is still producing gusts of nearly 200 mph, and some have said that it could be the strongest storm in recorded history.

The good news is that the storm is beginning to weaken, though it is still a stronger storm than most, even in its weakened state. The Hurricane Center predicts that Dorian will continue to weaken as it passes Florida.

This news is no consolation for the people of the Bahamas, who seemed to have gotten the worst that the storm had to offer.

Record-setting winds of nearly 200 mph were reported on the Grand Bahama Island on Monday, creating a massive storm surge that flooded the region and left coastal areas under 18 to 23 of water.

The duration that the hurricane stayed over the island was one of the major factors that caused the situation to be so bad. According to weather experts, the prolonged direct hit resulted in larger storm surges because the hurricane was hovering over the island through multiple high tides.

Kara Doran, leader of the USGS Coastal Change Hazards Storm Team, said that slow-moving hurricanes that remain at sea for long periods of time tend to build up large storm waves, which can sometimes travel hundreds of miles.

The Bahamian government has given no official death toll, but the expected forecast is grim. Prime Minister of The Bahamas Hubert Minnis gave a press conference in the wake of the direct hit, and told reporters that this was the worst storm the Bahamas had ever seen. Minnis told the Nassau Guardian that rescue teams won’t be able to conduct search and rescue missions for hurricane victims on Great Abaco Island until Wednesday.

Because the storm was so bad and there were so many people evacuated from the Bahamas, there are very few photos or videos showing the extent of the damage. However, some footage was posted online by people who stayed on the island and managed to keep themselves safe.

Minister of Agriculture and Marco City MP Michael Pintard was one of the people who were able to capture some footage of the storm while it was at its peak. His footage can be seen below.

There were also a few news broadcasts that were on location to show the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian, such as ABC World News Tonight with David Muir.

Catastrophic damage reported in northwest Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

‘CATASTROPHIC’ HURRICANE: Marcus Moore reports from the Abaco Islands, after Hurricane Dorian made landfall in northwest Bahamas as a massive Category 5 storm, calling the situation “pure hell,” adding, “this will no doubt be a deadly event.”

Posted by ABC World News Tonight with David Muir on Sunday, September 1, 2019

Dorian looks like an extremely threatening storm from space, the following image, posted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, shows satellite imagery of the hurricane as it slowly moves towards the United States.

The National Hurricane Center has reported that the storm could go in any direction at this point. If just a slight change in timing or wind occurs, the hurricane could end up turning north and not make landfall at all, but many people in the US are not willing to take that chance.

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