New Facebook App Will Pay You To Take Surveys And Test New Features

Facebook has now launched a new app that will allow you to earn some extra cash by taking online surveys and testing out new features for the company’s many applications. The new app will be called Facebook Viewpoints, and the first featured survey is about health and well being, and pays about $5 or roughly £3.90 and it takes just 15 minutes to finish. Right now, the health and well being survey is the only one available on the platform, and it is only open to Facebook users 18 or older. It is currently only available in the United States, but they expect to roll out these features in other countries in the next year.

In a statement announcing the new app and its features, a Facebook representative said that they are hoping to get insights about their products directly from the people who use them, in hopes of making them better and more functional. The statement said that insights gained from this app will be used to improve products like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Portal and Oculus.

If you are in the United States and over 18 years of age, you can check out the new service by downloading the Viewpoints app and setting up an account. After that, you will be invited to join “programs,” and you will be allowed to complete your first survey, which will earn you points. These points can be exchanged for cash that is sent directly to your PayPal account.

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Considering the spotty reputation that the company has developed for privacy, they got out ahead of any concerns that people might have and announced that they will not be selling any information gained from the app to any third parties. They also said that they will not share your activity on Facebook Viewpoints with your Facebook friends or any other social media profiles.

Facebook has finally announced some long-awaited changes that will soon be coming to the platform, both on mobile and desktop. These changes included a number of aesthetic tweaks, including the removal of the blue Facebook brand bar that is usually docked to the top of the website, as well as the much anticipated dark mode.

As with many previous changes to the Facebook user interface, these new features became available to a small group of people at first and then later expanded to more and more users. Users who were selected to test out the new design first received a notification asking if they would want to be able to choose between light or dark mode while scrolling on Facebook.

Many other social networks have previously experimented with dark mode, including Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. Last year, some iPhone users of the Facebook app were able to switch to dark mode, but this was not available to desktop users, as the most recent update will be. Dark mode is a feature that has been advocated by many experts because it is easier on the eyes and decreases the effect that blue light has on the brain.

Welcome to Facebook Viewpoints!

Welcome to Facebook Viewpoints!

Posted by Facebook Viewpoints on Monday, November 25, 2019

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