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Tucker Carlson Defends Donald Trump By Calling Him A “Liar” And “Full-Blown BS Artist”


The controversial Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, seemed to say some pretty negative things about one of his favorite people, United States President Donald Trump, but his statements were actually somehow in support of the embattled president.

In his strange defense of Donald Trump, Carlson called the president a “liar” and even went so far as to say that he can be a “full-blown BS artist” at times. Carlson admitted that the president can sometimes make misleading statements in order to get his point across or to get his way. The presenter compared the president to a “salesman” and said, “that’s who he is.”

“He’s a talker, a boaster, a booster, a compulsive self-promoter. At times, he’s a full-blown BS artist,” Mr Carlson explained.

Tucker Carlson
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Carlson even talked specifics, bringing up Trump’s claim that the  2017 inauguration was “the largest ever measured on the national mall”.

“We’re not going to lie to you: that was untrue,” he said.

Carlson has been an enthusiastic supporter of Trump since he was on the campaign trail, and has become one of the president’s strongest advocates in the press since he has taken office.

In a monologue on one of his shows this week, Carlson said that the recent impeachment hearings against Donald Trump have not hurt him at all, but have actually made him stronger “like Godzilla.”

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It seems that Carlson has some of that “salesman” flare of his own, so it must take one to know one, as the saying goes. Carlson has become a very controversial and polarizing figure, just like Donald Trump. Carlson is one of those people who are both widely loved and widely hated, and these feelings are often determined by political affiliation.

Earlier this week, a guest on Fox News took time out of his interview to personally address Tucker Carlson, asking why the host still has a job at the network. On Tuesday morning, Democratic National Committee Vice Chairman Michael Blake was being interviewed by anchor Bill Hemmer when he went on a viral rant about Carlson, pointing to the host’s infamous claim that white supremacy is a “hoax.”


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