Trump Demands Apology From Congresswomen He Made Racist Remarks About

U.S. President Donald Trump, has once again taken to Twitter in his usual manner to demand an apology from the four Democratic congresswomen who have been dubbed “The Squad”.

This came some days after he berated them by telling them to “go back” to the “crime infested” countries they came from, comments which have been perceived as racist by the Democratic party and some Republicans which have since left the party.

Interestingly, three out of the four congresswomen that President Trump referenced in his tweets are natural-born United States citizens, while Omar, the remaining representative, emigrated to the United States about three decades ago as a refugee.

Demanding An Apology

In President Trump’s most recent Tweet, he demands “The Squad” apologize, not only to the United States, but also to Israel for the “horrible (hateful) things they said”. He claims these congresswomen are destroying the Democratic party and claims they are incapable of loving the country.

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In fact, what President Trump is upset about is the congresswomens’ criticism of the current administration’s failures and shortcomings in its manner of governance. They have been openly critical of the United State’s policies concerning such things as foreign relations, criminal justice, the economy, and the environment.

After President Trump attacked four United States citizens and members of the government, all of whom are women of color, with derogatory rhetoric, the Democrat-led House of Representatives passed a resolution formally condemning the president’s comments as racist. While the resolution carries no repercussions, it has shown a reasonably clear divide along party lines.

Political Parties Divided

The Democratic party seemed to need little convincing of the nature of President Trump’s ridiculous remarks, while the Republican side felt much pressure. The resolution, which passed by a margin of 240-187, directly calls the president’s words racist and affirms an atmosphere of “legitimized fear and hatred of New Americans and people of color”.

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This controversy comes at a time of political turmoil surrounding many racially charged issues, particularly concerning disparity among the United State’s communities of black people and those of the lower socioeconomic sectors.

Freedom Of Speech?

It seems absurd to demand an apology from four United States citizens, particularly women of color, after having been told to go back where they came from. Especially so, considering these women are not only citizens, they are members of the United States government, under a constitution which allegedly guarantees freedom of speech and equal rights for all people.

Ilhan Omar, the only representative of The Squad who was born outside of the United States, was the focus of a rally in North Carolina last week where supporters of President Trump chanted “send her back”.

Rep. Omar is a Muslim woman who was originally born in Somalia. She came to the United States seeking refuge at the age of twelve. This is not the America she expected to grow up in. Several days ago, she returned to her home in Minnesota to be greeted by a group of supporters at the airport chanting “welcome home,” which is perhaps a better representation of American values.

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