Obama Writes Open Letter Denouncing White Supremacy and Calls For Strict Gun Laws

Former United States President Barack Obama is no stranger to harsh criticisms over his policies and manner of governance, during his two terms in office from 2008 to 2016, as is any US politician. Since having left the Oval Office, Barack Obama has returned to his work as a civil rights activist.

In the wake of the most recent mass shooting incidents within the span of twenty-four hours, which left over 30 people dead, and many more critically injured, in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, Obama has published an open letter which seems to offer extremely harsh criticism of the current US president, Donald Trump, without directly pointing a finger at, or naming him.

During Obama’s presidential campaign and both terms, his speeches and writing have always been eloquent and well-spoken. His choice of words, quite on par with what one might expect from a respectable world leader. The open letter he has just published denouncing political leaders speaking to the public with racist underpinnings which may be fueling white supremacist ideologies.

In his letter, Obama points out that recent mass shootings in the United States have clearly followed a dangerous trend having been committed by white men seemingly disgruntled over a growing population of people of color. The shooter in the last incident in El Paso, Texas even left behind a manifesto outlining his disdain for Hispanic migrants coming over the US border to find refuge and work in the United States.

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Again, Obama does not mention President Donald Trump directly in the letter, however, it’s verbiage makes it clear that he is denouncing the current administrations’ attitudes towards immigrants and people of color. He seems to believe that there are troubled individuals who receive the words of our recently elected political leaders and feel compelled to take action on their own by killing those members of society they deem a threat to white nationalism.

Not only is the former president highly critical of the political atmosphere surrounding immigration policies and the overall attitude towards black and Hispanic people, but he is also quick to point out that we need to expeditiously address and reform the gun laws in the United States. He mentions that there are no other countries which tolerate the level of gun-related violent crimes which occur in the US.

Apparently, Obama believes that stricter gun laws may not necessarily prevent all criminals from getting their hands on firearms and committing murders, but that they may save some lives and keep some families from experiencing tremendous loss. He insists, in his letter, that, as a nation, the people must stand up and hold their politicians accountable and demand a change in policies or such tragedies will surely continue to occur.

Obama is not the only one looking to President Donald Trump in condemnation of his anti-immigration rhetoric in light of his presidency having been built on fear and divisiveness. Although Trump seems to have denounced white supremacy, Sandra Cordero, director of Families Belong, a pro-immigrant group, has placed blame on the US president. She indicates that his anti-immigration policies and hate-filled speech have certainly played a role in the most recent mass shooting incident in El Paso, Texas where more than twenty innocent people were murdered.

It is interesting to note that President Trump’s advisor and daughter, Ivanka Trump, has also publically stated that white supremacy is an evil, like all other forms of terrorism and “must be destroyed”.

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