Report Warns Popular iPhone and Android Cloud Apps Are ‘Leaking’ Your Data

Wandera is a privately held company that develops unified cloud security solutions for corporations with mobile workforces, and they have recently issued a warning about dozens of popular applications that could present major security risks for users.

A new report from Wandera has cautioned users of cloud-based apps for both iPhone and Android devices. According to Wandera’s Michael Covington, a Wandera customer informed the team that a document was transferred across different networks entirely unencrypted, through a cloud-based application. Upon further investigation, the team learned that the developer gave no warnings about this potential risk in their privacy policy, but they were able to confirm with Wandera that there was no encryption on their services.

Every single one of the dangerous apps was developed by a company called Cometdocs, which allows users to convert different document and file types. The Cometdocs privacy policy says that the company applies “security practices in order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure.” However, the privacy policy later admits that “there is a level of risk involved in any transmissions of data via the internet,” and that “No transmission of data over the internet can ever be guaranteed to be completely secure.”

A Cometdocs spokesperson told Forbes that they never made any disclosures to Wandera, despite being shown copies of emails that allegedly took place between the two companies.

Cometdocs says that they have never heard of Wandera, and claims that the report is merely a publicity stunt by the security company. The company maintains that its products are secure, despite not having the top of the line encryption built into its services.

They also insist that they have not broken any of of the rules for the app stores or devices that they are on, and it is true, there is no rule requiring them to put encryption into their products, and they have not technically been dishonest about their services, but Wandera thinks that their privacy policy is misleading and that their customers should know about the potential risks before they send their documents through one of these apps.

Below are the 23 apps that you need to look out for:

  1. Audio Converter by Cometdocs – Convert Audio Files
  2. Video Converter – Convert Video Files
  3. Compress PDF – Make PDF Smaller
  4. PDF Merge – Combine PDF Documents
  5. JPG to PDF Converter
  6. XPS to PDF Converter – Convert XPS files to PDF
  7. Save as PDF – from Anywhere – Convert Text, Word, Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and other files to PDF – All in one PDF Converter
  8. Image to Text Converter – OCR
  9. Image to Excel Converter – OCR
  10. Image to Word Converter – OCR – Convert photos to Word documents
  11. PDF Creator – PowerPoint edition
  12. PDF Creator – Word edition
  13. DOC to DOCX
  14. DOCX to DOC
  15. PDF to AutoCAD Converter – Convert PDF to DWG
  16. PDF to Text Converter with OCR
  17. PDF to PowerPoint Converter
  18. PDF to Excel Converter – OCR
  19. PDF to JPG Converter (JPEG)
  20. Publisher to PDF Converter
  21. PDF Converter Ultimate – All In One Converter 
  22. PDF to Word Converter with OCR
  23. MP3 Converter – Convert Videos and Music to MP3
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