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Tesla Files Patent To Replace Windshield Wipers With Lasers

For decades, most cars have looked pretty much the same, and have come along with many of the same features and designs, but that may be starting to change.

The Tesla electric car company is becoming known for doing things in a radically different way, and it seems to be changing how we think about car design.

Tesla’s new Cybertruck was unveiled last month to mixed reviews because it was just so different from the vehicles that people are accustomed to seeing on the road.

At first glance, Tesla cars have a similar shape and design as the other cars on the market, but upon further inspection, the vehicles have a variety of features that are much different than traditional cars.

These are not just traditional vehicles that run on electricity, but an entirely different type of vehicle. All Tesla vehicles also receive regular updates over the internet, making important changes to the operations and abilities of the car, including safety updates and new features.

For example, earlier this year, Tesla launched an update that included a feature that allows pet owners to keep their animals safely in a parked car on a hot day. A feature for Tesla owners to  “summon” cars from parking spots using the auto-pilot mode was also launched.

An exciting update that could be coming for Tesla vehicles in the future could mean the end of windshield wipers. The company recently filed a patent for a laser beam system that cleans the car’s windshield. The patent was recently filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and reported by the Independent.

The Tesla electric
Photo Credit: (USPTO)

The patent pointed to the many shortcomings of traditional windshield wipers, and calls for an innovative system that the company calls “pulsed laser cleaning.” Although this system operates using lasers, they will not cause any eye damage, even if viewed directly.

The patent goes on to explain how any glass surface on a car could be cleaned using the lasers, including the cameras and sensors used for autonomous driving.

According to the patent, this same system can also be used for the cameras that help the car function.

“The cleaning apparatus may be installed as a modular device in a vehicle and may be installed as a modular device in a vehicle and may provide a contactless means to clean different glass articles, for example, windshields, in-vehicle camera lenses, side windows, rear-view mirrors, and the like,” the patent reads.

The Tesla electric
Photo Credit: Pixabay

If this system is successfully implemented in Tesla vehicles there is a very good chance that it could spread throughout the industry in years to come.

Although a patent has been filed on the system, all of Tesla’s patents are open source, which means that other manufacturers are free to use the same plans, or modify them if they wish.

However, it is very important to mention that there are some patents that never come to fruition, and there are many companies with long lists of patents that they never use, so this feature is not necessarily guaranteed to be an upcoming feature for Tesla vehicles, but the patent is evidence that this is a potential solution that they are working on.


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