New AR Contact Lenses Will Bring Humans One Step Closer To Becoming Cyborgs


Some technology experts, like Elon Musk, for example, believe that humans are already living lives very similar to that of a cyborg, because we technically have a computer attached to us at all times, it just so happens to be in our pocket instead of our bodies. However, Musk and others in his field believe that as technology slowly progresses, the space between your brain and your computer will get smaller and smaller.

Inventions like Google Glass represented the next step of this transition, bringing the computer from our pockets to our faces, in the form of augmented reality glasses. Now, a California-based tech startup called Mojo Vision is tightening the gap between the brain and the computer even further, with the development of an augmented reality contact lens.

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The company says that the new AR lenses will use 14k pixels-per-inch micro-displays to show statistics like health tracking and other data in your eyes. The lenses also contain wireless radio, image-recognition technology which is programmed to know when it is needed and when to stay offline.

The lenses are not on the market yet, but they are quite far along in development and Mojo Vision has announced that they have a working prototype of the device.


Drew Perkins, CEO at Mojo Vision explained that “after extensive research, development, and testing, we are excited to reveal our product plans and begin sharing details about this transformative platform. Mojo has a vision for invisible computing where you have the information you want when you want it and are not bombarded or distracted by data when you don’t. the technology should be helpful, and it should be available in the moment and fade away when you want to focus on the world around you.”

Perkins said that the Mojo Vision lense will be the first step in delivering invisible computing to the world.

The next step, after AR contact lenses, would be literally hooking your brain to a computer, and believe it or not, this is something that Elon Musk has been working on for many years, with his company Neuralink. The eccentric tech entrepreneur said that within the next year, his company will be inserting electrodes into human brains using a robot surgeon. The surgery will insert very fine threads into the brain, and the threads are covered in electrodes that will create a pathway for messages to and from the brain.

Musk said that the threads will work by recording the information being transmitted by neurons and synapses onto a tiny sensor, which can then be integrated with special software. He then revealed that the team has been testing the invention on primates, and were able to successfully augment a monkey’s brain with this technology. While significant progress has been made in developing the technology, it will probably be a long time before something this is on the market for the average consumer, or even for hospitals or commercial purposes, which leaves plenty of space for inventions like Mojo Vision to fill the gap.

All Photos courtesy of Mojo Vision

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