Tesla-Inspired “CyberHouse” Will Be A “Zombie-Proof Bunker”

An architecture firm based in Saint Petersburg, Russia has developed plans for a "zombie-proof bunker" house that is based on Tesla's forthcoming "CyberTruck." The team involved has called the structure "CyberHouse," and they say that it can withstand natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and even radioactive contamination. This house would even be able to keep occupants safe in the case of a zombie apocalypse, since the sloped walls would be impossible for them to climb. There are even airlock doors, which will ensure that unwanted visitors aren't able to sneak in.

The firm released a set of graphic models on their Instagram page to show what the house would look like in real life. When looking at the images, you can instantly tell that the design takes inspiration from the unique design of the Tesla CyberTruck. In fact, some of the images even show a CyberTruck pulling into the garage.


Photo Credit: Modern House

Along with the images, the firm issued a press released that offered some insight into the specifics of the design. For example, the firm says that the house would be 984-square-feet and that up to seven people could survive in there comfortably if they were stuck in there during some type of natural disaster. The house will come complete with water purifying and treatment systems, and even air supply if for some reason the air outside was hazardous. It will also be able to run off the grid, as it comes complete with solar panels and wind turbines.

Alex Wizhevsky, the lead architect on the team, says that he also took some inspiration from nuclear submarines for the design, building with different layers of protective shells.


"I focused not only on maximum safety, but also on comfortable autonomous living in this house. Indeed, for (certain) potential owners there is no serious need for protection; most likely they will simply like the design and autonomy of this project," Wizhevsky said in the press release.

These are very strange plans, but just as we saw with the CyberTruck, there is actually a demand for the CyberHouse. The firm has not actually started construction on any of these buildings, but Wizhevsky says that he has already been speaking with potential buyers in Russia, Spain, and the US.

Photos: Tesla Cyberhouse


It seems that Elon Musk may have started a new trend, because other similar projects have been announced since the CyberTruck was unveiled, and the creators are also crediting Tesla as their inspiration. The New York-based design agency Lars Büro has made a similar proposal with a similar name as well. Their idea is called "Cybunker," but don't be fooled by the name, it is not actually underground, and it is being pitched as more of a large storage unit than a post-apocalyptic survival bunker. It also does not seem to have all of the amenities that the CyberHouse does.

Lars Büro also posted their designs to Instagram, and other images on their website also show a Tesla CyberTruck parked in the garage.


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