Tesla’s New Model X and Model S Will Have A Range Of Almost 400 Miles

Tesla has announced that they will be adding new Long Range Plus versions for the Model S and Model X, which will extend the driving ranges of the vehicles. The Model S Long Range Plus promises to have 390 miles of range, while the Model X promises 351 miles of range. Tesla is also offering a Long Range Plus version of the Model X SUV, which has an estimated range of 351 miles.

This brings Tesla much closer to Elon Musk’s promise that the company would soon sell an electric vehicle with a range of 400 miles.

Photo: Tesla

The models are said to be the base options, which will be sold for $81,190. The model X will cost an estimated $86,190.

Musk will not let the public know the secret trick he used to extend the range of the vehicle, but he said in a recent tweet that the ranges might even be longer than estimated. However, it has been assumed that this update will be available to people who have already purchased an earlier model of Tesla.

At first glance, Tesla cars have a similar shape and design as the other cars on the market, but upon further inspection, the vehicles have a variety of features that are much different than traditional cars.

These are not just traditional vehicles that run on electricity, but an entirely different type of vehicle. All Tesla vehicles also receive regular updates over the internet, making important changes to the operations and abilities of the car, including safety updates and new features.

Photo Credit: Tesla

For example, earlier this year, Tesla launched an update that included a feature that allows pet owners to keep their animals safely in a parked car on a hot day. A feature for Tesla owners to “summon” cars from parking spots using the auto-pilot mode was also launched.

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