Suspect In Attack On Home Of Judge On Epstein Case Found Dead Of “Self-Inflicted” Gunshot

As we previously reported, there was a strange attack on the home of a US federal judge last night, which left a young man dead and another severely wounded. There are numerous theories bout what might have happened, but the primary suspect in the case was found dead, from what investigators say was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Daniel Anderl, a 20-year-old student, was shot and killed in the incident, and his father Mark Anderl, a defense attorney, was injured and required surgery at a local hospital. At first, the clearest and most obvious theory was that Judge Esther Salas, the wife, and mother of the other two victims, was the primary target of the attack, because she was just recently assigned to a high-profile case linked to Jeffrey Epstein.

A man appeared at the Judge’s home posing as a FedEx driver and opened fire when Daniel opened the door, spraying the entrance of the first floor with bullets. Mark was hit in the crossfire, but his injuries were less serious. Judge Salas was downstairs in the basement and managed to avoid being hit by the gunfire.

The body, identified by sources as attorney Roy Den Hollander, was found on a property in the Sullivan County town of Rockland, near Liberty, which is in the New York Catskills. One senior law enforcement official says authorities are looking into whether there was a package or envelope addressed to the judge found near Den Hollander, who may have died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

A package addressed to the family was found in a nearby car owned by an attorney named Roy Den Hollander. Hollander was later found dead on a property in the New York Catskills. As of right now, police are saying that this was most likely a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but the internet is still very suspicious.

Hollander is an extremely controversial individual who reportedly has an anti-feminist book and website. Salas is even mentioned in his book by name, and called “lazy and incompetent,” suggesting that her only accomplishment was being a high school cheerleader. Hollander also sued multiple NBC News anchors, and anchors from other networks, claiming that they were involved in a conspiracy to prevent Donald Trump from winning the 2016 election, even though he ended up winning anyway.

As a result of this incident, authorities are now investigating to see if Hollander has anything to do with the recent death of a well-known men’s rights activist in California, which took place on July 11. Salas reportedly oversaw lawsuits that Hollander was involved with and he was not happy about how they turned out. However, authorities have been careful not to put forward any theories about his motives. There is also growing speculation that there could be much more to the story than a simple vendetta.

US Attorney General William Barr sent condolences for the Justice Department to the family.

This kind of lawless, evil action carried out against a member of the federal judiciary will not be tolerated, and I have ordered the full resources of the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service to investigate the matter,” Barr said.

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