Troubled Youth Who Threatened To Shoot Up School Wins House Seat

A 20-year-old candidate has won a state House seat in his district in Kansas City, Kansas, despite the Democratic party cutting ties with him back in August over his troubled past. Somehow, 20-year-old Aaron Coleman was the only candidate on the ballon in his district, after beating a veteran state lawmaker in the primary election. According to unofficial figures, Coleman had 3,496 votes, and a Republican write-in candidate who was running against him received 2,013 write-in votes.

The Board of Canvassers is scheduled to meet on November 16th to review provisional ballots cast by voters whose eligibility wasn’t certain. However, Wyandotte County Election Commissioner Bruce Newby said it’s “very rare” for all write-in votes to go to a single candidate. Newby said that there is “no hope” of the Republican candidate catching up and winning with the remaining ballots.

Coleman is a young man with a troubled past. He admitted to circulating revenge porn in high school, and at the age of 14, he was charged with threatening to shoot another student. In May of 2015, Coleman was charged with a felony count of making a criminal threat but later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of harassment for the threat he made at the school. He was also accused of being physically abusive with an ex-girlfriend.

After Coleman’s past came to light, the state Democratic Party was forced to disown the candidate back in August.

Coleman admitted that the allegations of revenge porn and harassing middle school girls online were true but said that he was a “sick and troubled 14-year-old boy” at the time.

In a statement on his Facebook page after winning the election, Coleman said, “People’s Democracy has returned to the free state of Kansas after 110 years. Thank you to all of my supporters. This campaign would not have been possible without you. I promise to work hard to serve the residents of this district.”

In the comments, he wrote another message that said, “me reading the comments of haters while I take a rip off a bong,” along with a GIF on Micheal Jackson eating popcorn in the music video for “Thriller.”

A political operative provided The Associated Press with a screenshot of another tweet that was no longer online Thursday in which Coleman predicted that Kelly would face an “extremely bloody” Democratic primary in two years.

“I’m not playing around,” Coleman reportedly wrote in the tweet. “People will realize one day when I call a hit out on you it’s real.”

Coleman later shared the AP article on his Twitter page, but the tweet where he threatened the hit has since been deleted.

Coleman acknowledged during an interview posting the tweet and then deleting it Wednesday, saying that he intended to use the term “political hit.”

“Obviously I should have moved away from the word ‘hit,” Coleman said.

“There are people out there who will intentionally try to misinterpret anything you say. It’s fine. I’m not worried about it. Really, at this point, nobody can really stop me,” he added.

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