Stephen Hawking Pictures On Epstein Island Included In Newly Released Documents

Old pictures of Stephen Hawking on Jeffrey Epstein’s island are flooding the mainstream press facing renewed scrutiny that one of the greatest scientists was a pedophile who had affixation for young girls.

Unsealed court documents by Federal Judge Loretta Preska related to Virginia Giuffre’s civil lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell say Hawking’s name appears in reference to pictures/videos included in the lawsuit. Anewspost has already previously reported that Bill Clinton was seen with at least two young girls according to Giuffre’s testimony. Giuffre’s testimony also included a 139-page document titled: “The Billionaire’s Playboy Club” in which she accused Prince Andrew of groping her and another girl. All of the accused have denied allegations.

Now more names are being revealed as journalists worldwide dig into the newly released hundreds of pages of documents.

In January of 2015, numerous photos of Stephen Hawking on Epstein’s private island surfaced in the media. The photos at the time were believed to be from the Giuffre vs Maxwell civil case.

One of the photos shows the famous physicist at a barbecue on the island, while another picture shows Hawking on a submarine tour off the coast of the island. According to the Telegraph, Epstein had paid to have the submarine modified for the famous professor’s wheelchair, because he had never been underwater prior to the event in his life.

The photographs which show nothing controversial were reportedly taken in March of 2006 or shortly before Epstein was first charged with sex crimes against minors. Epstein is said to have invited 21 internationally-renowned scientists, including Hawking, to the island for a conference that he funded. The reason the conference was held remains unknown and is one of many secrets that Epstein took to his grave. However, the rich pedophile did at one point in his life sit on the Mind, Brain, and Behavior Advisory Committee at Harvard University. While Epstein lacked the education to be involved in such endeavors except for having the money to fund them.

The gathering was held at a Ritz-Carlton hotel on the neighboring St. James Island, however, the attendees were invited back to Epstein’s private island as well. It’s not clear what took place on the island after that if anything and its impossible to know whether Hawking was involved or knew of what took place there.

Newsweek recently reported that Stephen Hawking’s name appeared in a list of individuals who were seen in photos and videos on the island with Giuffre. Attorneys for the accused recently sent Giuffre a request for photo and video evidence with high profile figures, including but not limited to — Stephen Hawking, Ghislaine Maxwell, Alan Dershowitz, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Ron Eppinger, Bill Clinton, and Al Gore.

When Giuffre first went public with her accusations in 2010, she faced a flurry of public denials and personal attacks from Epstein’s associates which lasted for years.

As a result, Giuffre filed several defamation lawsuits against those who denounced her claims in the media. The lawsuit against Maxwell was settled in June of 2017, however, a suit against Alan Dershowitz is still ongoing, with not much known at the time of this report.

The files didn’t just include testimonies naming names by Giuffre, they included personal emails between Epstein and Maxwell, as well as information from a discussion between Giuffre and her lawyer as Anewspost previously reported. Maxwell’s attorney’s earlier argued that the records should be kept under seal, stating it was a “personal intrusion into her sex life.” Her lawyers also expressed that the files were “extremely personal, confidential and subject to considerable abuse by the media”.

Judge Loretta Preska recently ordered that 80 documents or hundreds of pages would be made public.

During the court hearing at Manhattan’s federal court, Judge Loretta Preska ruled Maxwell’s right to privacy was outweighed by the need for the documents to become public. However, documents involving Maxwell’s deposition have not yet been released and are pending an appeal by lawyers for Maxwell. Although there were allegations in some documents that Maxwell had trained underage girls as sex slaves for Epstein and even participated in orgies as Anewspost reported.

Additionally, Epstein’s own kinks were revealed including that he had a perverse lust for girls as young as 12 years old. Epstein’s alleged sexual exploits were laid bare in a slew of legal filings from a 2015 lawsuit against his accused madam Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell is indicted under six counts in Manhattan federal court the charges allege that Maxwell helped Epstein groom girls as young as 14 years old, going back as far as 1994. The indictment admonitions include – conspiracy to entice minors, transporting minors, and perjury. As Anewspost reported, Maxwell has pleaded not guilty set to have her trial next July in 2021.

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