Ghislaine Maxwell Might Be Moved To Prison’s General Population

Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorneys appear to think that she will be safe in the general population of the prison where she’s staying, along with all of the other inmates. According to CNBC, the disgraced associate of Jeffrey Epstein is upset with the measures that have been implemented at the prison to ensure that she does not lose her life under the same circumstances as her former friend.

Her legal team is insisting that the measures that are being taken to prevent her from killing herself are entirely unnecessary. The lawyers argued that Maxwell is being woken up every few hours during the night and being forced to wear special clothing.

She is also kept alone under 24-hour surveillance, and the guards take notes on every single thing that she does, including her conversations with her defense team, which the attorneys say is a violation of her rights. Her cell is also searched multiple times each day and she is forced to undergo regular body scans.

The attorneys told the judge that Maxwell does not want any special treatment at the prison and wants to be treated just like any normal inmate. This would include moving her in with the general prison population.

As a result of what occurred with Mr. Epstein, Ms. Maxwell is being treated worse than other similarly situated pretrial detainees, which significantly impacts her ability to prepare a defense and be ready for trial on the schedule set by the Court, Maxwell’s lawyers wrote the judge.

Obviously, Maxwell’s testimony is very important to a case that could implicate many high profile people, such as former President Bill Clinton and current President Donald Trump, which means that there could be a lot of people who want to hurt her before she goes to trial, and they are powerful enough to have the means to follow through. This is what many people suspect happened to Epstein. It is likely that much of Maxwell’s evidence has already been passed on to someone else, and if they were smart they would have made copies, so her evidence could still be unveiled even if she doesn’t survive for some reason.

According to an inmate, and several lawyers with clients at the facility, Maxwell is receiving other special treatment as well. The sources told The Daily News that women inmates had to clean and polish Maxwell’s cell before she moved in, and she also gets more recreational time than the other inmates.

Most inmates get two hours of recreational time, while Maxwell gets three, and all of the other inmates need to be cleared out of the recreational area when it is her turn. The other inmates can reportedly see down to her floor from their recreational area, so while they have no contact with her, they can usually tell what she’s up to.

The fellow inmate, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said that Maxwell has a whole floor to herself, and the only time they were allowed on the floor was to clean the area before she arrived. The entire floor that Maxwell is staying on was reportedly closed for a very long time and was only re-opened to accommodate the high profile prisoner.

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