Bill Clinton Had “Intimate” Dinner With Ghislaine Maxwell Years After First Epstein Arrest

Former president Bill Clinton reportedly had an intimate dinner with Ghislaine Maxwell in 2014, along with a very small group of other high profile figures. This meeting took place years after the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein were exposed, and long after Maxwell’s involvement with the disgraced financier had first made headlines. In fact, Clinton’s PR team was concerned that Maxwell would be spotted by a photographer or journalist at the meeting, and were relieved that their gathering didn’t make the news.

These details were revealed in a recent report by The Daily Beast, in which the site interviewed numerous Clinton associates who were willing to speak under the condition of anonymity.

The pair reportedly met at Crossroads Kitchen, a hotspot for celebrities and millionaires on Melrose Avenue. On the night of their meeting, famous actors like Bruce Willis and Sean Penn were also in the building.

Also in attendance at the meeting was mutual friend Steve Bing, a producer and major Democratic donor who killed himself earlier this year. It is not clear if his suicide had anything to do with his involvement in people like Ghislaine Maxwell.

“They’re always fighting against the reporting and not that they did it. That’s the problem,” one friend of the Clintons told the site

It is well-documented that Clinton was closely connected with both Epstein and Maxwell. He also continued to hang out with them after they were both exposed as sex offenders. In fact, Maxwell was served court papers relating to the Epstein trafficking ring in 2009 while she was attending the Clinton Global Initiative at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City.

Just a few months later, Maxwell attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, and Bill continued his relationship with both of them for many years despite the public knowledge of their crimes.

After Epstein was arrested last year, The Clinton Foundation was forced to deny the allegations that the former president was a participant in Epstein’s trafficking network.

It is clear that Clinton and Maxwell spent a decent amount of time with one another, and took flights together on Epstein’s private plane, a customized Boeing 727 that has since become known as the “Lolita Express.” Sources in the book say that Clinton and Maxwell became very close during these trips, and would have occasional flings. The two apparently also met on different occasions away from Epstein, with Clinton sneaking out to visit Maxwell on numerous occasions.

According to a new book titled “A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein,” released by Alana Goodman and Daniel Halper this week, the former president Bill Clinton was having an affair with Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, though he denies ever having any type of sexual relationship with her. However, this would not be the first time that the former president has lied about one of his affairs.

Clinton is just one of many high profile individuals who are suspected of being involved in Epstein’s trafficking network. Other names include Prince Andrew and US President Donald Trump.

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