New 911 Photographs Show Harrowing Day

Yet again, more unseen pictures of September the 11th have surfaced on the internet after being buried in a family photo album, showcasing the disastrous day that terrorists attacked America.

These astonishing photographs, which have previously never been shared in 20 years, were uploaded to popular image upload site Flickr earlier this year with little fanfare.

The shocking series of photographs shows the moments after two airline jets crashed into the World Trade Center towers in Manhattan, causing soot and debris to flood the streets.

The horrifying images were taken from an apartment on Greenwich Street near the towers. They capture as the smoking ruins of the building fall to the ground.

Credit: Liam E/Flickr

Credit: Liam E/Flickr

Another photo shows the towers collapsed with nothing but dust in the air.

Credit: Liam E/Flickr

A fourth photograph depicts smoking pouring out of the towers as they fall to the pavement.

Credit: Liam E/Flickr

The images capture an unusually quiet New York City scene, usually buzzing with people on its streets. A man named Liam E shared the pictures on Flickr; he said he had come into possession of the photos through his family.

Ladbible reports that Liam scanned in the photos after remembering that his great aunt, who had passed them down throughout his family, had taken them.

Liam captioned the photo album in his profile: “Photographs that a late relative of mine took from their 310 Greenwich Street apartment balcony in New York City, facing south, on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.”

Liam told Ladbible, “The photos were taken by my late great aunt, Maryann Puglisi-Muñoz, who worked in the fashion industry.” He added, “She took the photos from her Greenwich Street apartment balcony, looking south towards the World Trade Center.”

The photographer said he came in possession of the photos after having them given to him by his mom.

“The photos were later given to my late grandmother – her sister – and then to my mom and me a few years ago,” Liam said.

For years, the photographs remained untouched by Liam and his mom until in February when he suddenly remembered that he had them. He then began using his photo scanner to upload the pictures to his computer and later to Flickr. “They sat untouched for years until February when I recalled that we had them, and my mom brought out the photo book,” Liam stated.

The images depict the horrors of September 11th and illustrate why it’s a day that we will all never forget.

You can view the full photo album by going to Liam’s Flickr profile here.

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