Nursing Student Accidentally Records Moment She Realized She Had COV-Symptoms

19-year-old Maryn Short noticed that she probably had COV-symptoms after visiting a local Starbucks location and being unable to taste her drink. The moment was captured in a TikTok video that she was coincidentally recording in her car.

"This has no flavor. Why can't I taste it? Do I have C0vid?" she asked in the video.


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In an interview with the Today Show, she explained what was running through her head in the video.

"I didn't think about C0vid immediately, when I realized I couldn't taste. I initially thought maybe there was too much creamer in the drink … I know heavy cream could kind of overpower the taste of some coffee, so I just figured that was what it was. The first time I was like 'This has no flavor.' And then I took a second sip and … I was like 'Wait a second. Do I have C0vid?'" she said.

After noticing the symptoms she went and got tested, and then shared her experience with the test in a separate video on her TikTok profile.

She encouraged others to get tested if they think they might have been infected.


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"When you have C0vid and you lose your taste, you can still taste this — I don't know if sensation is the word, but this idea of whatever it's supposed to be. I could tell that the drink was sweet. But there was just no flavor to it at all. It was super weird," Short explained.

She also said that she was having other mild symptoms at the time, including congestion and eventually a fever. Luckily, she says she is now starting to get her sense of taste back.

"I think with every passing day, I'm getting my taste more and more back... I definitely feel like there's progress being made," she said.

Short is currently in school for nursing.

She says that she wanted to post the videos to encourage others to get tested if they have symptoms. The videos ended up getting so much attention that they inspired copycat videos from others attempting to capture the same type of moment that she had on camera.

In one copycat video that also went viral, a healthcare worker recreated the same scene and claimed that she was just then realizing that she had C0vid.

However, Maryn Short responded to the video questioning the strange similarities.

The healthcare worker was forced to respond to the allegations in another video where she said she was hoping to raise awareness and encourage others to get tested, but she did not seem very happy with the assertion that her video was a fake or a copy.

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