Legends Of The Hidden Temple

“Legends Of The Hidden Temple” Is Being Remade In A Real Jungle For Adults

One of the best and most unique kids shows from the ’90s, Legends Of The Hidden Temple, is going to be making a comeback, but this time it will be targeted at an adult audience since we were the ones who grew up with the original show.

If you don’t remember Legends Of The Hidden Temple, it was a very interesting competitive game show that appeared on the Nickelodeon network, which featured kids navigating their way through a series of jungle-themed athletic challenges and puzzles.

The original show was on the air for about 6 years, from 1993 to 1999. In total, the show ended up making 120 episodes, and the recorded episodes rotated for many years in the network’s schedule.

Legends Of The Hidden Temple
Photo: Nickelodeon

Quibi, the platform where the new show will be appearing, said that in a statement that they will be taking many original elements from the show, such as the Moat Crossing, Olmec and the Temple Run, but are also including “reimagined” features that will take the show to a whole new level.

The original set was inside a studio, in which children from different teams would compete in a series of obstacles. However, the new show will take adults out of the studio and into a real jungle, where they will face much larger and more difficult challenges.

You may have never heard of Quibi before, that is because it is a new platform that hasn’t launched yet. Legends of the Hidden Temple will be one of the first big shows to come along with the launch of the network, which will happen on April 6, 2020.

The streaming service promises to be ‘the first entertainment platform built for easy, on-the-go mobile viewing, allowing today’s leading studios and creative talent to tell original stories in an entirely new way’.

Although the original show went off the air in 1999, Legends of the Hidden Temple has remained a part of pop culture ever since. The popular mobile game “Temple Run” is said to be based on the show. Meanwhile, a movie of the same title was released in 2016.



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