Model Who Streaked At Super Bowl Arrested For Trespass After Flashing At Game

27-year-old Instagram model Kelly Kay Green spent the night in a jail cell after running onto the field during the Super Bowl at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, this past weekend. Green was tackled by the security team quickly after running onto the field, and she was soon after arrested by police on misdemeanor trespass charges.

Footage that was recorded by fans who had seats near the incident showed the blonde woman get chased by security guards before she was tackled and carried away to police. In the footage, the woman appeared to be wearing a very short black mini-skirt with white trainers, however, as she was being taken away she pulled up the hem to expose her bright pink underwear.

When she was asked by The Daily Mail why she decided to run on to the field, she told them, ‘I was just living my best life.’

Photo Credit: Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department

She later posted a picture of herself being led away by police on her Instagram page, with the caption ‘Do what you want, when you want, life’s too short to have regrets. Thanks @nfl for having me’.

In an Instagram story after her release, the model posed in a bikini by a pool, saying: ‘Young jail bait out of jail. Fresh out the pen. Fresh out Dade County.’

Green said that her stunt was a publicity opportunity for the adult-themed site Vitaly Uncensored, which has orchestrated similar stunts in the past. Last year, the site organized a similar stunt in which model Kinsey Wolanski ran onto the field during the Champions League soccer final wearing a skimpy black leotard with the logo for the site.

If Green is convicted on the trespass charge that has been leveled against her, she could face up to a year in prison.

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