A$AP Rocky Charged With Assault, Will Remain In Swedish Jail

A$AP Rocky, rapper and member of A$AP Mob (Always Strive Always Prosper), a Hip Hop group based out of Harlem, New York formed in 2006, has been arrested and charged with assault and is currently being held pretrial in a Swedish jail. The trial is set to begin next Tuesday.

After spending weeks in the jail, he has been charged with the crime of Assault Causing Actual Bodily Harm resulting from a brawl which took place in the country’s capital, Stockholm.

If convicted, he could be sentenced to spend up to two years in jail, although the prosecutor has reported to TMZ that he will not seek the full  two year sentence.

He did not say what the sentence will be. A panel of four judges will hear the case and three of them must agree an assault took place in order for a guilty verdict to be reached. If it is a tie, the prosecutor can request a new trial. Upon conviction, the judges will decide on a sentence one week later.

Two other members of A$AP’s crew have been charged and are being held until trial.

An Altercation

A$AP and his cohorts claim the assault happened in self defense. They claim that the alleged victims were following and harassing them, ultimately provoking the crew to defend themselves.

A$AP Rocky
Photo Credit: Politico

They also released a video which may support that the A$AP crew was acting in self defense. However, the prosecutor claims to have more information than what people have seen on the internet and that eyewitness testimony and video evidence does not support the defense’s claims.

The prosecutor also has statements from the alleged victim in which he admits having struck A$AP’s bodyguard with a pair of headphones but only after the man lifted him up by his neck. It was noted by a TMZ reporter that the alleged bodyguard’s lift is not on video and the bodyguard was already cleared of any wrongdoing rather than being charged along with the rest of his cohorts.

It took three weeks to charge A$AP and his crew, all the while keeping them in jail after they turned themselves in to Swedish authorities.

Two Sides To The Story

Video evidence does show the alleged victims following and harassing A$AP and his crew on the streets of Stockholm and would suggest provocation before the boys assaulted them, but they will not be charged and prosecuted for any violent crimes.

Photo Credit: Washington Post

In the video, A$AP can be heard attempting to defuse the situation saying, “no one wants to go to jail”. In the same video A$AP is seen finally losing his cool throwing his attacker to the ground and pummeling him.

It has been reported that the conditions in the jail where A$AP is being held are in violation of international human rights standards.

Fellow rapper Kanye West called United States President Donald Trump to ask him to reach out the Swedish authorities in an attempt to have A$AP freed. The Swedish prime minister has not bowed to the request telling President Trump and the State Dept. not to meddle in their affairs. Numerous recording artists are now calling for a boycott of the country as a result of the arrest.

A$AP’S Career

Rocky has been involved with music his whole life, and it is said that he has been rapping since he was just 9-years-old. He released his debut mix tape Live. Love. A$AP, in 2011, and has continued to grow more successful with each passing release. The hype of his mix tape led to a major record deal for his first full length album, Long. Live. A$AP, released in 2013. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, as did his following release At. Long. Last. A$AP, in 2015.

His success in the music industry has brought him opportunities to branch out into fashion and other markets as well. In 2013, Rocky released the A$AP merchandise brand, and later went on to work with high-end fashion designer and close friend Raf Simons. He has also had input on featured clothing lines for Guess and Pacific Sunwear stores.

In 2014, A$AP Rocky officially signed a contract for worldwide representation with William Morris Endeavor.

Rocky is a pescetarian, which means that he is a vegetarian that will incorporate seafood as the only source of meat in his diet.

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