Footage Of Strange UFO Changing Shape And Colors Baffles The Internet

A bizarre UFO was seen blinking with different colors and changing shape in the skies over Derbyshire, in footage recently released by the Glossop-based duo the “Shadow Warriors,” who say that they filmed the strange anomaly on two different occasions.

One of the women on the small team, who calls herself “Wolf,” says that she was surprised to see something so strange in the sky, so she quickly took out her camera and started recording.

“At the start of video I noticed two objects, but then it goes into one, and it looks like it’s not a solid object as it keeps changing shape and colors, with a lot of reds, blues and greens. On the next night it was more circular and didn’t change shape as much as the first time,” Wolf said.

Pen News/Shadow Warriors

Instead of just assuming that the object was unidentified, Wolf signed into a satellite-tracking app, to see if there were any objects that were scheduled to appear in that part of the sky at that time, but the app showed no data for any satellites or other objects near her location. It is somewhat suspicious that Glossop is only 15 miles from Manchester Airport, however, many planes have been grounded as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and a tracker for the airport had no nearby flights on either occasion that the pair witnesses anomalies in the sky.

Wolf and her partner, Bear are always on the lookout of strange things in the sky, because they truly believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Wolf and Bear (Pen News/Shadow Warriors)

“It’s either a UFO or some type of new shapeshifting satellite. We are not alone and, like spirits, we can connect on a frequency that is invisible to the human eye. If they’re good or bad aliens we don’t know,” Wolf said.

Derbyshire has somewhat of a notorious reputation for UFO sightings. One Derbyshire Constabulary record, acquired by the Derbyshire Times, describes a strange orange light close to Ladybower Dam in the Peak District.

“The person reported seeing a large orange light moving horizontally and dropping slowly until it went below a line of hills. A cloud of smoke was seen to billow out from the light and it then disappeared,” the record stated.

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