Man Choking Ex-Girlfriend Beaten To Death By Her Mom And Sister


A man who broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house and assaulted her was beaten to death by the woman’s mother and sister. The incident took place on Saturday morning in the 500 block of Five Oaks Drive, in Los Angeles, California.

40-year-old Justin Goss was reportedly strangling his ex-girlfriend, who has not been named by police, when the other women in the house realized that they were in danger.

According to police, Goss had broken into the home by smashing the window with a concrete paver that he found outside.

Photo: KTLA

The woman’s mother and sister sprung into action and tried to pry the man off of her, but it didn’t work, so they had to get weapons. One of the women grabbed a kitchen knife, while the other used a golf club. By the time they were done, the man had died.

The women are not expected to face any charges, and “were well within their right to act in defense of their sister and daughter,” according to Lt. Barry Hall.

“They tried to pull him off, and it didn’t work; he was too strong,” Hall told the Los Angeles Times. “So they had to resort to using weapons.”

The woman who was assaulted in the attack was taken to the hospital with facial injuries but has since been released.

According to some studies, less than 1% of domestic violence cases are reported to the police. In the United States, 10–35% of the population will be physically aggressive towards a partner at some point in their lives. As abuse becomes more severe women become increasingly overrepresented as victims.

Sadly, domestic abuse has increased during the ongoing pandemic and associated lockdowns.

In Britain, The Office for National Statistics said police recorded 259,324 domestic abuse offenses between March and June, an increase of 18% compared to the same period in 2018.

The charity Refuge said the number of people calling its domestic abuse hotline was 65% higher between April and June than in the first three months of the year, before lockdown.

Numbers related to the lockdown have not yet been specified for the United States, but similar increases are expected.

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