Ghislaine Maxwell’s Strange Birthday Present To Jeffrey Epstein May Come Back To Hurt Her


In recently unsealed court documents, it was revealed that Ghislaine Maxwell got a very strange birthday present for Jeffrey Epstein on his 40th birthday, when the pair were reportedly dating.

Maxwell reportedly hired the British journalist Christopher Mason to write and perform a satirical song about Epstein. Mason said that Maxwell hired him to write a roast about Epstein, but she was very controlling and wouldn’t allow him to speak to anyone else about the project, she wanted all of the information and content for the song to come from her.

At the time when she hired Mason, Maxwell had only been with Epstein publicly for a few months, but they were apparently very close already. Mason recently told Vanity Fair about how she wanted to include details about Epstein’s relationship with young girls in the song. He thought the request was strange, especially because Maxwell was Epstein’s new girlfriend at the time. She also wanted to include that Epstein had a “24-hour erection.”

She wanted me to mention that when Epstein was teaching at the Dalton School, he was the subject of many schoolgirl crushes. [It was] kind of an odd thing to want in a song about a man who appears to be your boyfriend. But she clearly thought that that was something that was going to amuse him. Another odd thing that she wanted me to say was that he had 24-hour erections, he explained.

Photo: Sky News

At the time, Mason brushed these details aside because he just assumed that Maxwell had a dark sense of humor, or in his words, a “mischievous wit.” She also made Mason wear Epstein’s karate outfit while giving the performance, as a way of surprising him and catching him off-guard. Mason said Epstein was very pleased with the gift, and seemed very enthusiastic about the performance.

Mason performed in front of a small group of very accomplished people, many of whom were billionaires, including  Leslie Wexner, the now former chairman and CEO of L Brands.

Mason said that everyone in the small crowd that had gathered was laughing and applauding his performance, as if they were in on some sort of joke.

“It seemed to have lots of good references that they were all guffawing over,” he said.

The full lyrics to the song are below:

Poor Jeffrey Epstein is 40, oy vey!

Life must be tough, his hair is already so gray

He sure looks older, but it’s clear from his smile

The older he gets, the more juvenile

Ghislaine is lavishing him with her affections

She claims he has 24-hour erections

Sounds like he’s busy, now ain’t that berserk

How does he find the time to get off to work

He wakes when the cock crows while everyone slumbers

He rivals Einstein when crunching those numbers

He taught at Dalton: The naughty boy blushes

To think of schoolgirls and all of their crushes

Earlier this week, Anonymous News reported that Maxwell wanted Epstein to publicly announce his relationship with another woman, likely as a way to publicly distance herself from him.

His ex-girlfriend was reportedly a 43-year-old woman named Shelley Anne Lewis, and she was a frequent flyer on his jet and a regular visitor to his island. Lewis has not responded to the revelations, but she has deleted all of her social media accounts after her relationship with Epstein was reported in the media.

It is not clear what the pair’s relationship was like while Epstein was suspected of child trafficking, but they were believed to begin dating in 1999, when she was 22 and Epstein was 46. They reportedly dated for a few years, until 2002, but remained friends. Lewis was said to think about Epstein as some sort of a mentor after they dated.

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