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Anonymous Warning To American Citizens About Iran


Greetings citizens of the United States of America. This is an important message from Anonymous regarding the threat of impending war with Iran.

As most of us went about our daily routines these past few days, a war that has already taken the lives of millions reached a new boiling point with the blatant assassination of a high ranking Iranian military officer. The western media has been quick to justify the US-led attack, leaving many Americans confused about what is actually taking place on another side of the world, where their tax dollars are being used to carry out bombings and military conquests. There is a lot of context that most reporting on the subject leaves out, but the current situation that is unfolding between the United States and Iran goes back many decades, at the very least, and it is very important to understand the background.

A variety of different conflicts and proxy wars have been playing out in the Middle-East over many decades, deepening a complicated web of feuds and alliances that consist of some people who are fighting for freedom and independence, and a much larger group fighting for their own style of power and domination. The United States military is the most powerful of these groups who seek to expand their influence over the region and its people, so it should come as no surprise that they have orchestrated much of the chaos that has taken place there.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani Photo Credit: Getty

This week, the focus has been on Iraq, a nation that has been left in total chaos since the United States began its conquest of the region roughly two decades ago. Saddam Hussain was certainly a tyrant, but the environment that resulted from the war that removed him from power has caused far more human suffering than he would have been able to accomplish in a lifetime.

As with the many other areas across the world that are occupied by the US military and their NATO allies, the citizens of Iraq are not allowed to rebuild their country the way that they see fit, and if they make any attempts at doing so, they are considered enemy insurgents and are targeted for extermination. The United States government and its NATO allies insist on setting up their own puppet governments in the countries that they occupy, and will accept nothing less than complete submission and control.

Iran war
Photo Credit: AP

Iran understands that they are next in line, and the western military establishment has been saying as much for decades, so the country’s government has taken an interest in helping its neighbors to exist independently of US control. This has resulted in a situation where various militant groups are fighting for power across war-torn areas of the middle east, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, some of whom are funded and supported by the United States and its allies, while others are supported by nations like Iran or Russia.

These wars are presented to Americans as entirely different situations that are going on for different reasons, but these conflicts are all deeply intertwined, as many people are learning after an Iranian general was taken out in Iraq. The War on T error, as it was called in the beginning, is a war for western hegemony in the middle east, and while Americans don’t recognize it as such, people who live in the countries where bombs are falling understand this fact very well, and they are ready to fight for their lives to prevent that from happening, and you can not defeat that type of enemy. This is why the United States and its allies have spent decades in the region with no real progress or accomplishments, and if they decide to become embroiled in a direct conflict with Iran, this is going to get much worse, because Iran is far more powerful militarily than the other countries that the United States has faced in the War on Terror.

For many years, the citizens of the United States have been silent on this issue, but in the past, when enough people have spoken up, war has been prevented. Now is the time to speak up!

We are Anonymous!

We are Legion!

We do not forgive!

We do not forget!

Expect us.

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