Anonymous Message To White Nationalist Extremists

Greetings citizens of the world. This is a message from Anonymous.

This message is to the white nationalist extremists who have been terrorizing innocent people at an alarming rate across the United States.

We have had the misfortune of sharing many dark corners of the internet with groups such as yourself, but we are nothing like you. We use the shadows to fight against the most corrupt and powerful criminals in the world, while you hide in the shadows because your views are so destructive that they are unacceptable to most rational people, including your own families and employers.

The establishment media has rushed to place blame on all of their favorite scapegoats, from guns to video games and even marijuana. However, the real problem is that there are some very angry and disturbed people out there who don’t value their own lives, or the lives of others. Many of these people are so miserable in their own lives that they wish to die, and since they are also angry at the world, they seek to take out as many people as they possibly can in the process.

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In the United States of America and some parts of Europe, many young men who find themselves in this dismal mindset have turned to racist ideologies for comfort. These disturbed individuals find comfort in the false notion that their skin color makes them somehow special or important, and in turn, they cast their anger outward, towards anyone who might have some arbitrary difference in physical appearance.

This is a very weak-minded path to take, and it is a path that far too many people are taking. In the past several years, people throughout the United States and Europe have grown increasingly distrustful towards immigrants, or anyone who might be slightly different than they are. It seems that much of the progress that has been made towards racial harmony is under threat, if not already severely fractured.

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If you are one of these people who promote hateful ideologies from the shadows, know this: You have been warned that your time in the shadows will soon be coming to an end. You have disrespected the online culture of anonymity that so many of us have worked hard to protect for so long, and have instead, turned once harmless forums like 8chan into a breeding ground for terrorism.

This is why it is essential for groups like Anonymous to regulate our own domain, and why we are promising a full-scale operation to identify and expose racist extremists, especially those that cheer on or encourage acts of violence.

The FBI, CIA and other government agencies that have been tasked with protecting us from the types of attacks that have taken place in recent weeks have obviously failed. Honestly, these outdated organizations are having trouble contending with these widespread and decentralized networks of hate groups that have been radicalizing people online. Anonymous can play an important role in this effort, by providing an even more powerful decentralized network to track down and expose people who are planning violent attacks, or who openly encourage such things.

If you belong to one of these hate groups, or if you are a lone individual who wants to watch the world burn, you should know that you have an opportunity to turn your life around before you throw it all away. There are many people who were once in your position, but are now reformed and see the world differently.

Anyone who leaves the ranks of the white nationalists now, will likely be spared in the coming war with Anonymous. However, if you continue this hateful pursuit, you will find yourself exposed to the entire world. Very soon you will no longer have the shadows to hide in, and you will have to stand up beside your ideas and explain them to your families, friends, and employers.

In the wake of the recent shootings, many of you hid behind a computer screen to mock the victims and encourage other potential killers. This type of behavior will not stand, and these low-lifes will be the first to be exposed in our operation.

We are Anonymous!

We are Legion!

We do not forgive!

We do not forget!

Expect us.

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