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Greetings citizens of the United States of America. This is a message from one of the Anonymous about the upcoming election that your country is facing.

Election time is quickly approaching once again in the United States, and as usual, it is a complete circus. The county is facing a large number of monumental problems and has been for some time, but many of these important topics are off-limits for many of the mainstream candidates that want to maintain “electability.” The massive military budget and senseless overseas conquests that the US government has been involved in for decades, along with the rampant government corruption back home, have completely destroyed the economy of the country, as well as its standing with the world.

In the campaigns thus far, Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang were the only candidates that had the sense and the courage to speak up on this issue and give it the attention it deserves. Bernie Sanders has given some attention to the problem of empire, but he also still believes that the United States should be “fighting terrorism overseas,” and he seems to be willing to compromise with the military-industrial complex on foreign policy matters. At this point, it appears that Tulsi Gabbard will be out of the race after being unable to qualify for the most recent debates, and it seems that Bernie Sanders could be a front runner for the Democratic party, unless the media is able to prop up Joe Biden throughout 2020, which is highly unlikely.

Andrew yang
Andrew Yang campaign photo

Andrew Yang has managed to stay in the presidential race, despite the fact that he has been ignored by the media and painted as a fringe candidate since the campaigns began. Yang has managed to stay in the race thanks to his cult-like following, who sometimes refer to themselves as the “Yang Gang.” Yang is most popular for his advocated policy of universal basic income, which is a monthly stipend that citizens would receive from the government to help them with the basic expenses of living. However, as mentioned above, he has also shown support for ending wars and scaling back the military budget. He has also advocated for drug decriminalization, which would save many innocent people from jail and reduce the number of deadly doses that are circulating on the black market.

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Yang’s universal basic income proposal is a radical break from the reliance on social programs touted by other candidates in the Democratic party, which makes his policies a bit different than his counterparts. While candidates like Sanders and Warren are pushing for tax money to be spent on social programs to uplift the poor, Yang suggests putting the money directly into their pockets, instead of forcing them to jump through bureaucratic hoops for a chance at the basic services that would be affordable, and at a better quality, if they had a few extra dollars in their accounts every month.

Unlike most of the other Democratic candidates, Yang does not come from a political background, but was an entrepreneur before his recent jump into politics. However, as we have seen with Trump in 2016, not having a history in politics does not necessarily rule a candidate out as a serious contender in the race.

For many of us, Andrew Yang is a breath of fresh air, and we are looking forward to seeing how he does, and what he does if he manages to get into office. However, we must not put too much faith in the political system overall, there is only so much that one person can do with the presidency. In fact, the US political system is designed in a way that makes it intentionally difficult for one person to make any major changes to the establishment.

We are Anonymous!

We are Legion!

We do not forgive!

We do not forget!

Expect us.



It is also important for us to mention that the views expressed in this message are just the opinions of a few Anons who have a platform on this website, and it is very possible that others who align with us through Anonymous may not agree with us here, as there is a wide range of thought and opinion that falls under the Anonymous movement.

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