Assange Leaks Publishes WikiLeaks Internal Communications


The leaktivist website Distributed Denial Of Secrets, has released new documents on WikiLeaks claiming to be in its founder Julian Assange’s defense. However, the founder of DDOS Emma Best’s personal past tweets paints a much different picture.

DDOS released a collection of files related to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange which have been nicknamed Assange Leaks.

The documents include chat logs between Assange and other associates and in its founder’s words, the files are “not meant to “expose” WikiLeaks, but the government’s flawed case by publishing the documents cited in the superseding indictment and ones providing direct context.”

“With the Justice Department’s superseding indictment against Assange, public access to the evidence becomes critical,” a statement on the AssangeLeaks’ website states. “The documents in this file illuminate that case and illustrate how WikiLeaks operates behind closed doors.”

The site stresses that it is neither “for or against Julian Assange or WikiLeaks, and is only interested in the evidence.”

The 18 charges unveiled last year alleged that Assange worked with former Army Intelligence Analyst Chelsea Manning in 2010 to obtain and disclose sensitive “national defense information” through conspiring to crack a password tied to a Department of Defense computer.

WikiLeaks has published thousands of pages of material obtained from Manning, including details around Guantanamo Bay detainees and combat guidelines concerning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan known as the war diaries.

If convicted, Assange faces a maximum of 10 years in prison for each of the existing 18 charges brought against him except for alleged conspiracy to commit computer intrusion, which contains language from the Espionage Act. Assange faces a total of 175 years in jail if extradited to the U.S. with a total of 18 charges.

U.S. lawyers have falsely claimed that Assange’s publishing of the Iraq and Afghanistan war diaries endangered lives, a claim that is debunked by the Pentagon’s own admission that there is no evidence that any of WikiLeaks’ actions have caused even a single death,as Glenn Greenwald previously reported for Salon during the court trial of whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

In fact, it was Assange who went to “extreme measures” redacting names and information. According to multi-award winning Australian journalist Mark Davis, it was the Guardian journalists who appeared to care little about redacting names, as a Consortium News video explains. Davis had documented the entire process of the release of the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs in a film called Inside Wikileaks, which showed the former Wikileaks editor-in-chief working alongside journalists from the New York Times, the Guardian, and Der Spiegel.

Assange even attempted to contact the U.S. State Department and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warning about the leak of un-redacted documents on other websites, Assange’s lawyers have said.

A recent superseding indictment, handed down by a secret federal grand jury in Alexandria, Va., did not add any charges to the existing 18 charges brought against Assange last year but alleged that Assange and WikiLeaks actively recruited hackers to provide WikiLeaks with documents.

Assange is alleged to have provided the leader of the hacking group “LulzSec” and FBI informant Sabu or Hector Monsegur with a list of groups to target in 2012, in order to obtain information to post to the WikiLeaks platform, and that such information was revealed in chat logs.

Best states on her Twiter that her purpose was to provide context to that situation.

However, Best’s motives can’t be farther from the truth as she has a clear bias and desire to destroy WikiLeaks to replace the international leaking organization with DDOS. This is due to WikiLeaks refusing to give her a job according to insider knowledge of the situation.

Best previously denied this, in an interview with The Daily Dot. Julian Assange’s Twitter account also accused Best of releasing the chat logs in retaliation for WikiLeaks refusing to hire her.

This vengeful drive against WikiLeaks is displayed in a number of ways in her past. This isn’t the first time that Emma Best has leaked documents on Assange. In fact, she originally leaked 11,000 internal communications then leaked another 100,000+ documents. Best even released a video of Sigurdur Thordarson, a convicted fraud and child predator, who was messaging Hector “Sabu” Monsegur and Anonymous alleged hacker Jeremy Hammond.

In the video posted by the anti-Wikileaks journalist Emma Best, the founder of DDoSecrets, shows Assange was only merely in the room while the true culprit – a former WikiLeaks employee Sigurdur “Siggi” Thordarson – talked in IRC with Sabu. Thordarson was also a turned FBI informant at the time, as Rolling Stone previously reported.

In other words, Siggi an FBI informant was messaging Sabu an FBI informant about hacking Iceland for WikiLeaks.

It’s not known if there were other exchanges not recorded on video, but as Yahoo News wrote at the time, the leaked chat logs may be apart of the DOJ’s case against Assange. In the last superseding indictment the DOJ revealed that those chat logs were apart of the historic case.

Although there is no solid proof provided in the chat logs. As Yahoo News reported, it does not include any direct communication from the WikiLeaks founder, but only a supposed alias.

However, in the blog post, she released the video with, Best writes, “WikiLeaks continues to promote a story accusing Robert Mueller of having attempted “to frame WikiLeaks [and], Assange.” A review of interviews with participants, video footage, sealed files, and other documents show that the FBI had not been in the process of “framing” WikiLeaks but was following a trail of evidence that posed a significant threat to the organization and its leadership.”

Yet she claims in a post on Twitter that she released the recent Assange Leaks to exonerate Assange and prove the government’s narrative to be a setup. Although, her posts on Twitter over the years and her blog seem to indicate that’s not her motive at all. Deeper digging into Best’s past highlights her hatred of WikiLeaks. Best even leaked 11,000 private Twitter direct messages with WikiLeaks spinning the messages against Assange calling him a racist, transphobe, and far-right highlighting that Assange said he wanted Trump to win against Hillary.

After Best published the WikiLeaks chats, the publisher’s founder Julian Assange revealed Best’s name assigned at birth (what trans people refer to as their “deadname”) tweeting out “Michael Best”. After doing so, Twitter temporarily suspended Assange’s account until he deleted the tweet, Hornet reported.

Best further leaked 100,000 documents of internal chat logs on WikiLeaks in 2018. According to Yahoo, these documents were the same that were in the possession of the DOJ. How she got them remains a mystery. That’s not all Best also leaked confidential communications with Assange’s lawyers. All of this evidence highlights that Best has been trying to undermine WikiLeaks and Assange’s defense.

Best also went as far as promoting the narrative previously that Assange and WikiLeaks had sought out hackers to hack for them tweeting an article by the BBC quoting a passage and calling it an “accurate take on WikiLeaks and Assange.”

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