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Teen Girl Gallops On All Fours And Leaps Over Obstacles Like A Show Pony


The internet is still not entirely sure how to feel about the 16-year-old who calls herself the “human horse.” The young girl, Ava Vogel, from Edmonton, Canada, has spent hours of practice mastering how to run and jump on all fours exactly like a horse. She says that she can run at a steady speed for over five minutes, jumping over obstacles in perfect form along the way.

When Ava jumps over obstacles, she tucks her hands under her chin and heaps into the air while extending her legs. She then lands on the ground on her hands, which would be her front legs if she was actually a horse, and then continues to gallop as if it was nothing.

For most of us, coming down on our hands like that could be painful and potentially dangerous. Ava explained that there is a lot of upper body strength required to perform these actions, which takes a lot of practice and training to build up. In fact, she says that this type of activity can help build up strength overall, and would be a great way to train for sports like track.

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Ava said that the inspiration came to her when she was younger and began riding horses. In between training events, she and her friends would pretend to ride like horses, and for some reason, it ended up being something that she decided to put a whole lot of practice into.

“We would jump on the obstacle courses. So I started jumping around and then I found other pages on Instagram of people who would do this hobby. Now, three years later, here I am,” she explained.

Ava says that she can jump almost three feet into the air on four legs.

Believe it or not, she is actually not the only person to take part in this strange sport a similar video of a Norwegian woman named Ayla Kirstine imitating a horse went viral earlier this year, showing the woman engaging in identical athletic activities to those displayed by the girl known as the human horse. Ayla Kirstine also said that she was inspired to start training like this because of her love for horses.


Unfortunately, having a passion for something like this in the age of the internet does not come without consequences. Kirstine, the Norwegian jumper, ended up deleting her Instagram account after her video went viral, gathering millions of views that came along with some negative comments.

Among the top comments that caused her to delete the account was one that said, “Whoever called this a ‘skill’ needs to be evaluated. Secondly, this isn’t a skill it’s a mental illness.”

Another commenter wrote on Twitter, “No I’m sorry. Horses are elegant and beautiful, moving with grace and balance, this is none of those things and entirely abnormal.”

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