No Arrests After 3 Teens Shot In Confrontation Over Stolen Political Campaign Signs


Three teenagers were shot over the weekend in Kansas after they were suspected of stealing campaign signs for US President Donald Trump. According to Topeka Police, the confrontation occurred on Saturday night, and involved at least 5 victims and a person who attempted to use a car as a weapon.

However, they are revealing few other details about the incident, and have not revealed any names of the victims or the suspects in the shooting. This is likely due to the fact that many of the people involved in the altercation are under the age of 18, and police typically don’t release the names of minors. They have also not given any details on the nature of the confrontation or how it escalated into gunshots.

Gretchen Spiker, Public Relations Specialist for the Topeka Police Department said that no arrests have been made yet, but the case is currently under investigation, and arrests “may be forthcoming.”

“We ask for the community’s patience as investigators diligently work to determine the facts surrounding this case,” Spiker said.

While no arrests have been made, Topeka Police seem to know exactly who the shooter is. When questioned by police, the shooter said that that signs supporting Donald Trump were recently stolen from their property and they become suspicious when they saw a few teens near their house on Saturday night. However, police said that no signs were actually stolen on Saturday night, but they would not say whether or not the victims previously stole anything from the suspect’s property.

It also seems that someone attempted to use their vehicle in the conflict. Police say that when they arrived on the scene they found one person inside of a crashed car and they had been shot several times. As police were investigating the incident, two more people showed up at nearby hospitals suffering from gunshot wounds. They were taken to the police department for questioning but were released shortly after.

Last month, the Washington Post reported that the FBI and Department of Justice are preparing for violence across the country due to the election. Today it was announced that federal authorities will be establishing a non-scalable fence around the White House, in preparation for protests.

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Last week, Wal Mart made a strange announcement that they were going to take guns off the shelves in preparation for civil unrest, but then reversed the decision a day later and made another big announcement that they would in fact, still have guns on display. Gun sales have been booming in the lead up to the election, but it appeared that Wal Mart was taking advantage of the intense climate for some free advertisement.

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Fighter jets were sent to intercept an unauthorized aircraft that was flying into restricted airspace over a rally for President Donald Trump in Bullhead City, Arizona, on Wednesday. Secret Service agents on the scene were on high alert and moved closer to protect the president just in case the plane was intending to attack, although they did not get on the stage or interrupt the speech. Trump was unmoved by the incident, and told his gathered supporters that the military was just doing a fly over to “show off.”

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