Ghislaine Maxwell’s Deposition Has Been Unsealed Revealing Shocking Information


A 418-page 2016 deposition in which Ghislaine Maxwell is interrogated about her sex life was made public by a New York court after multiple attempts to supress the document, revealing shocking revelations.

The document exposes Maxwell’s relationship with the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and comes just moments before a court-imposed deadline. Maxwell refused to answer questions about her sex life with Jeffrey Epstein but admitted the two had an intimate relationship.

Maxwell also dodged questions about orgies, underage girls and Prince Andrew according to the deposition document. Maxwell’s attorneys fought constantly to supress the document, which stems from a defamation lawsuit brought against Maxwell from alleged Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre in 2015, The Guardian reported.

About a dozen Maxwell files have been unsealed, with the first filing involving Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre’s lawyer alleging the British socialite avoided a question “about allegedly ‘adult’ sexual activity related to Jeffrey Epstein”.

Maxwell additionally tried to distance herself and play down links between Epstein and former U.S. president Bill Clinton, who had used the financier’s private plane.

There was also questions asked to Maxwell about speculation that Epstein may have performed shady financial work for the U.S. and possibly the Israeli governments.

“Do you know if Jeffrey Epstein had any relationship with the US government either working for the CIA or the FBI in his lifetime?” Maxwell was asked, prompting an objecting from her lawyer.

“I have no knowledge of that,” she ultimately answered.

“Do you know if Jeffrey Epstein has any friends that are in the CIA or FBI?” she was pressed, eventually saying: “I have no idea.”

“Are you aware of an investigation of Jeffrey Epstein in the early 80s relating to the SEC?” the lawyer asked her, apparently referring to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, a financial oversight agency.

“I have no knowledge of that,” she said.

“Are you aware that Jeffrey Epstein has told people that he worked for the government to recover stolen funds?” Giuffre’s lawyer asked, prompting yet another objecting from Maxwell’s attorney.

“I don’t recall conversations about that.”

“Has he ever told you that he worked for the US government?” Maxwell was then asked, to which she replied, “I don’t recollect that.

“I have no knowledge, I don’t recollect him telling me he worked for the government,” she said.

In the 2015 deposition, Maxwell denied inviting minors to Epstein’s homes, except, she said, the children of friends in a social setting but admitted that she “brought” Giuffre as a 17-year-old to Epstein’s home.

“Virginia Roberts [as her name was then] held herself out as a masseuse and invited herself to come and give a massage,” Maxwell said.

Under further questioning, Maxwell had added: “She was a masseuse and in the form and as my job, I was to have people who he wanted for various things including massage. She came as a masseuse.”

Maxwell claimed Giuffre’s mother drove her to the house and that the mother and Maxwell spoke outside when the teen was in the home.

“I did not take her upstairs,” Maxwell had said.

The deposition also reveals that Maxwell told investigators and lawyers for Giuffre that their client was lying at point stating that she is an “awful fantasist” who created a “tissue of lies.”

“If you want to talk about what the subject matter, which is defamation and lying, Virginia Roberts, that you and Virginia Roberts are participating in perpetrating her lies, I’m happy to address those.

‘I never saw any inappropriate underage activities with Jeffrey ever.”

Maxwell then lashed out after being asked if calling a sexual abuse victim a liar is harmful.

“I would like to say all the terrible things Virginia Roberts said about me is extremely harmful and you should turn that around. All the lies she has said and you have backed her on have been extremely damaging to me.”

New York prosecutors claim Maxwell perjured herself in her deposition, when she was asked if Epstein had “a scheme to recruit underage girls for sexual massages?”

Maxwell responded: “‘I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Maxwell’s lawyers have previously said releasing the deposition would create prejudice for her right to a fair trial.

In their ruling, the judges said that “we cannot conclude that the district court abused its discretion in ordering the unsealing of the deposition materials.”

The ruling further said: ‘The District Court correctly held that the deposition materials are judicial documents to which the presumption of public access attaches and did not abuse its discretion in rejecting Maxwell’s meritless arguments that her interests superseded the presumption of access. ‘The District Court’s order articulated and applied the correct legal framework in its individualized review of the materials to be unsealed.”

Maxwell is currently in jail awaiting trial next year on charges that she lured girls as young as 14 years old Epstein for him to abuse between 1994 and 1997. Maxwell has denied all allegations and insisted she is innocent of the claims.



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